Everything you need to know about new VALORANT Agent Deadlock

After building up anticipation for Agent 23 for the past few days, Riot Games has finally announced the upcoming... Shubh | 25. June 2023

After building up anticipation for Agent 23 for the past few days, Riot Games has finally announced the upcoming Agent, Deadlock, a Sentinel from Norway with skills meant to thwart pushes and trap opponents.

The Norwegian agent is a defense-heavy agent who uses a variety of potent nanowires to protect the battlefield from even the deadliest onslaught. According to the teaser, Deadlock is a member of Atlas, a group that is at war with Alpha, a rival party thought to be in charge of some of the Valorant universe’s most significant conflicts. Deadlock can provide her allies with vital information and hinder the enemy with a variety of traps.

With her dynamic and intrusive skill set, Deadlock can thrive as a Sentinel in a variety of situations, like securing key positions, recovering taken ground, and even launching counterattacks. Her unique skill set is ready to give players new ways to interact with the Valorant world and introduce new strategies to the meta.

Alexander Mistakidis, the designer of Valorant Game, claims that they wanted to make an agent who could actively retain their position with her utility rather than one who would have to set it up beforehand. The new Agent was developed especially for tactical players that excel at adapting to ongoing situations.

Deadlock release date: 

The start of Episode 7 Act I and the release of the new Agent Deadlock are both set for June 27, 2023. The act will also feature the recently released Team Deathmatch game option and the new battle pass, which has some unimpressive skins. Once she’s available, you can either obtain access to her right away by purchasing an Xbox Game Pass subscription or by finishing her Agent Recruiting Event, which will automatically update. Alternatively, you can pay 8,000 Kingdom Credits or VP to unlock her if you are unable to do both.

Deadlock class:

Deadlock is the fifth Sentinel, joining the roster of Chamber, Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage. Deadlock’s main responsibility as a Sentinel is to protect her teammates and the surroundings from invading forces. Sentinels, a Valorant support class, have the ability to hold down, restrain, or alert allies of the whereabouts of enemies. They are intended to stop the opposing team from obtaining the upper hand by flanking and navigating the map discreetly.

Deadlock abilities:

Barrier Mesh (E ability): When the Barrier Mesh disc is thrown into the ground, four X-shaped barriers appear that block access for enemies. It is not hardcover, so bullets can still get through, but it can block an enemy’s path. You can eliminate each of these barriers one at a time by shooting the wall’s final point, or you can eliminate all four at once by shooting the middle disc.

Sonic Sensor (Q ability): The Sonic Sensor is a tiny tag that you stick to a surface and it will monitor for any nearby attackers generating noise. Any opponent caught in its line of fire will be concussed if it detects weapon fire, footfall, or any loud noise, which seems like a great way to protect your back.

GravNet (C ability): When GravNet is thrown at an enemy, an AOE appears around them that forces them to crouch and walk slowly. ITofree themselves from a net trap, players must hold the action button, which will give Deadlock’s teammate plenty of time to shoot them. When the opponent who was trapped leaves the area of effect, they are free to move as usual. This is still a great tactic to use when you need to slow down an enemy or group of opponents that you are pursuing.

Annihilation(X ability): The ultimate attack of Deadlock sends out a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy that comes into touch with it. Any target tangled up in the thread is dragged back to the point where it was shot. When the opponent trapped reaches the end of the thread, they will be immediately slain. Nonetheless, the enemy can shoot the cocoon to liberate their teammate, but it will take a lot of ammunition to take it out.

Header: Riot Games