European Pro League dismisses sdy’s cheating allegations against PALOMA

Last March 7, former NaVi player and current Monte Esports player Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev denounced on his Twitter account... Eduardo | 9. March 2023

Last March 7, former NaVi player and current Monte Esports player Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev denounced on his Twitter account players playing under the PALOMA banner for allegedly cheating in the European Pro League S6. However, the tournament organizers have dismissed all these accusations and claim that there is no evidence proving they have used some cheating.

Sdy accuses PALOMA players of cheating in European Pro League final

The former NaVi player publicly denounced PALOMA players for allegedly using cheats in the European Pro League grand final match. Even though Monte Esports, sdy’s team, won the match 3-0 (16-14, 16-12, and 16-14), the Ukrainian player claimed that his opponents used cheats and shared some proof videos.

To all this, sdy said some words that can be considered challenging and very strong to the tournament organizers:

“As a tournament organizer, you should never invite this PALOMA/Permitta team to your tournament. If you analyze their demos, it is obvious to any reasonable player that they are cheating. I hope I never play against them. They are a disgrace to our Counter-Strike scene, and I will not be silenced. You should use any anti-cheat, no matter what tournament it is.”

In addition to the strong accusations against PALOMA players, sdy shared some plays he considered sufficient evidence that players were using cheats.

As we can see in the video, Dawid “Layner” Falczyński does not throw a flash behind the pipeline and switches to his main weapon to kill one of Monte’s players who was entering A’s Site.

This PALOMA lineup previously played under the banner of Permitta Esports, which participated in the Play-In Phase of IEM Katowice 2023, where they were eliminated without winning a single map against FURIA Esports and Complexity.

European Pro League rejects sdy’s accusations

Following this complaint that echoed throughout social networks, after reviewing demos, videos, and the alleged evidence, the European Pro League has announced that they entirely reject sdy’s accusations regarding PALOMA players.

In the official statement, we can see that the European Pro League says:

“Even after studying PALOMA’s games, do you have any evidence that they are cheaters? At this time, we have no right to take any action against them, as there is no direct evidence to indicate their foul play. The European Pro League, as a tournament organizer, has always been and will always be for CS:GO honest.”

On the other hand, the organizers have asked fans, players, and teams to send relevant information and material if they believe that any team is cheating in their tournaments. They also reaffirm their position by explaining that there is no evidence to prove that PALOMA players used cheating in the match.

The community responds to sdy and asks him to analyze “who he plays with. “

After all these accusations, some videos surfaced of sdy’s current teammates in Monte Esports, who have also been denounced for using cheats. For example, one Twitter user responded to sdy saying:

“not defending paloma but maybe u should check who u play with before crying about opponents cheating.”

While the video may be a fluke situation, it is very strange that the player just shot for the sake of shooting in that action.

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