Escape from Tarkov Twitch channel banned

Battlestate Games’ official account has been banned from Twitch. The ban came as a surprise on January 2, shortly... Fragster | 4. January 2023

Battlestate Games’ official account has been banned from Twitch. The ban came as a surprise on January 2, shortly after patch 0.13 was released and the game’s servers were reset. It is not yet clear why the account was blocked, but viewers already have a guess.

Twitch is currently running a daily Twitch Drop event along with many streamer channels, as a part of which fans can receive in-game items for watching the official stream of the latest news, interviews, and other activities. The event was originally scheduled to run from December 29 to January 8.

So far, the developers have not commented on the matter. Luckily, at least the other streamer channels are still available.

Escape from Tarkov banned for the second time

This marks the second time that Tarkov developers have been banned on Twitch. The first time happened was on December 30, 2019, and the ban was reversed after two weeks.

For now, it is unclear what is the reason for the ban this time and how long it will last. It’s rumored that one of the developers pointed a dummy gun at another, causing the channel to be blocked, but this has not been confirmed.

battlestate Games ban

As we now know, Twitch is famous and notorious for banning channels or streamers without giving them a reason for the ban. This has previously led to a lot of trouble backlash and has driven numerous streamers off the platform. The best example of this is Dr Disrespect, who got banned and was left completely in the dark about why it happened. After Twitch stopped contacting him and the streamer didn’t know how long the ban would last, he decided to switch to YouTube, where he’s also very successful today.

Dissatisfaction with Twitch

In addition to Dr Disrespect, other well-known streamers have decided to switch to YouTube as well, but bans were not always the reason. For example, streamers were oftentimes dissatisfied with Twitch for having their revenue percentage cut. The platform’s reputation suffered because of its many issues, including its gambling and predatory problems, so it’s not surprising that many people have found a new home with the red platform. 

On December 28, Battlestate Games released Patch 0.13 for Escape from Tarkov. The game received a new map named “The Streets of Tarkov”, audio system and PvE improvements, new gear, and weapons, among other changes.

It is not entirely clear what will happen to the banned Escape from Tarkov account now, but fans hope that after a short wait, it will be unblocked again.

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