DreamLeague S19 day 1 results

What a great start to one of the most important Dota 2 events of the year! A total of... Radu M. | 10. April 2023

What a great start to one of the most important Dota 2 events of the year! A total of 16 matches were played on day 1 one DreamLeague S19 and half of them ended in a draw. This clearly shows that the skill difference between many of the teams is not that big. A lot of great matches are yet to be played.

In both groups, there was only one team that finished with a perfect record of 2 W – 0 D – 0 L. And that team was OG. But the results themselves don’t tell the whole story. When we look at the specifics, it’s obvious why OG had such a good start.

It is certainly not because they are the strongest team in the tournament. The answer has to do with their opponents. The first match was played against Nigma Galaxy, who are the weakest team in Western Europe’s first division, while the second one was played against Nouns, who are arguably the weakest team in the race.

Key results from day 1

The most important results from day 1 of DreamLeague Season 19 are related to the top teams.

Team Liquid won a challenging match against Tundra Esports but drew against Talon Esports. Talon also drew versus beastcoast, which is clear proof that the South American team is very strong. This was further demonstrated in their match against Nigma Galaxy, which they won.

Team Spirit defeated nouns but were defeated themselves by Tundra. Evil Geniuses defeated Team Aster but drew against TSM. Shopify Rebellion got identical results. They won against Entity Esports but drew against Gaimin Gladiators.

One team that everyone wanted to see was ex-HellRaisers. They drew against Gaimin Gladiators and Team Aster. These results were not bad at all considering the strength of their opponents, but they need to do better than this. Just drawing isn’t enough when there are only four available spots for stage two.

Luckily for ex-HR, many of their upcoming matches will be against much weaker opponents, which should give them a high chance of winning.

Despite looking weaker on paper, group A proved to have a lot of strong teams and the results were closer than those of group B. For example, in group A, even the weakest teams won at least one game on the first day. And even the strongest lost at least one.

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