Elisa Masters Espoo’s day 2 results

Day 1 of Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 had some totally unexpected results. We thought that at least group B... Radu M. | 1. December 2023

Day 1 of Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 had some totally unexpected results. We thought that at least group B would have no upsets, but the exact opposite happened.

Apeks are already qualified for the playoffs, while Complexity are out of the race. Just like in group A, the least likely to succeed rose to the top, while one of the top two favorites got eliminated.

The matches

The group started with an exciting match between MOUZ, who are currently ranked 3rd globally, and Apeks, who are ranked 19th and made three roster changes this year. Two of them occurred in the last several months.

Because of the lack of superstar players and all the changes that occurred inside the team, nobody expected Apeks to do well in this match. On paper, the skill difference between themselves and MOUZ was too big. But after a draw and two sessions of overtime, they emerged victorious.

The entire team played well but jkaem was the best player on the server, ending with an ADR of 91 and a score of 25 – 20.

In the second opening match, Complexity suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of FURIA Esports. The first half went well for them and finished with a score of 8 – 4. But in the second half, FURIA won nine consecutive rounds, which is a very rare event. FalleN and arT were the two players who carried the Brazilian squad to victory in this match.

In the winners match, Apeks proved to be a very strong team and won relatively easily: 13 – 7 on Inferno and 13 – 3 on Vertigo. Once again, jkaem was in great shape (36 – 15) but his teammate nawwk was even better and finished the match with a score of 41 – 11.

In the elimination match, the two big favorites had to fight against each other. MOUZ and Complexity fought hard to escape elimination. Complexity won the first map 7 – 13, but MOUZ made a comeback on Inferno (13 – 11) and Ancient (13 – 10).

EliGE was the best player on the server, but his team did not help him enough. In the end, after some very tight scores, Complexity had to admit defeat. This was one of the biggest failures for them since the creation of the new roster. Hopefully, they’ll take what happened here and perform much better at their next tournament.

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