FURIA Esports signs KDS and RafadeLL

The news around the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege continues. In the last few hours, the Brazilian organization... Eduardo | 13. January 2023

The news around the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege continues. In the last few hours, the Brazilian organization FURIA Esports has announced the signing of Eduardo “KDS” Chiste and Rafael “RafadeLLL” Oliveira for the 2023 season.

This announcement comes just one day after the organization parted ways with Willian “Stk” da Costa and Luiz “Kizi” Carlos.

KDS and RafadeLL had a complicated 2022 season

First, it is worth remembering that KDS and RafadeLLL come from playing the 2022 season with the team and Brazilian 00 Nation.

Now, this pair of signings come after having a shaky 2022 season. However, after winning the first Copa do Brasil of the season, there is no doubt that the fans and the team’s players had high expectations after seeing the team’s resurrection. However, winning this competition was this organization’s “high” point.

About RafadeLLL

Rafael “RafadeLLL” Oliveira is a Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege analyst and coach currently serving as the Head Coach of FURIA Esports.

His career as a coach began in 2020 when he signed with NT Esports. Then, he took small steps for FURIA by coaching their academy team for one season.

Thanks to his outstanding work with the team, he was hired to be the principal analyst of the Team oNe eSports team that took the victory in the Six Mexico Major 2021. Unfortunately, with the team, he would only last one season and joins 00 Nation, a squad that only had one major win in the entire 2022.

About KDS

Eduardo “KDS” Fontes is one of the region’s most important Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege players.

After spending seasons with great teams such as Team Singularity, FaZe Clan, Team oNe eSports, and 00 Nation, he now signs for this great Brazilian organization such as FURIA Esports.

KDS was one of the leading players of 00 Nation’s squad during the 2022 season. The player had a SiegeGG rating of 1.42, the best of the entire Stage 1 of Copa do Brasil 2022. In Stage 2 of the Brasileirao, KDS had a 1.19 rating, which placed him in fourth place. It should be noted that 00 Nation finished in ninth place in this tournament.

At the end of the year, KDS’s performance dropped significantly due to the poor state of the team and finished with a rating of 0.90 in Phase 3 of the Brasileirao. However, it gave an air of rebirth in the Copa do Brasil Stage 3 with a rating of 1.18, where 00 Nation fell in the tournament’s semifinals.

FURIA wants to recover the best version of KDS

There is no doubt that FURIA Esports has high hopes for this player. First, however, let’s remember that the best version of KDS was with Team oNe eSports when he led the team to win the Six Mexico Major 2021.

The first match of the new FURIA Esports lineup will be this weekend against Team Cruelty, as the Brazilians will play in the LATAM SI 2023 Closed Qualifier.

The FURIA Esports lineup is as follows:

  • Eduardo “KDS” Chiste
  • Diogo “Fntzy” Lima
  • Luiz “Miracle” Abrantes
  • Rennan “R4re” Vitor
  • Thiago Sá “Handyy” Ferreira

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