DreamLeague S20 stage 2 day 1 predictions

Stage 2 of DreamLeague S20 is about to begin and day 1 will feature four exciting matches. Only the... Radu M. | 15. June 2023

Stage 2 of DreamLeague S20 is about to begin and day 1 will feature four exciting matches.

Only the best eight teams of the original 16 are still in the race and that is guaranteed to generate a lot of hyped battles.

Team Aster vs. 9Pandas

This will be a very difficult match for both sides. In stage 1 of DreamLeague S20, Aster and 9Pands were in the same group and the match between them ended in a draw. Both games ended fairly quickly, which clearly proved that the drafts play a huge role in determining the result.

In theory, 9Pandas are significantly stronger than the Chinese squad. So in a best-of-three match, their odds of winning are probably 55-60%.

Team Spirit vs. PSG.LGD

Team Spirit and PSG.LGD were part of group A and they both finished with a record of 1 W – 6 D – 1 L. Their direct match was a draw. Spirit won game 1 after picking Bristleback and Storm Spirit, while PSG.LGD won game 2 thanks to a farmed Faceless Void and a well-played Timbersaw.

A best-of-three match between the two sides will favor Spirit, but only slightly.

Gaimin Gladiators vs. BetBoom Team

BetBoom are the only team that managed to beat Gaimin Gladiators in stage 1 of DreamLeague S20. The match was quite difficult to watch for any GG fan because it involved an epic comeback in game 1 and a dominant performance from 9Pandas in game 2.

We don’t see Quinn “Quinn” Callahan getting beaten that often when he plays his Void Spirit, but in this match, he was certainly taught a lesson by the CIS crew.

Evil Geniuses vs. Talon Esports

Evil Geniuses were the only team in stage 1 who finished with seven consecutive draws. Talon had six draws and one win. The two teams are very close to each other in strength, so either of them could win this best-of-three.

For EG, the big advantage is teamwork and determination. For Talon, it’s their highly skilled superstars, who play position 1 and position 3.

We’ll have to see who the stronger side is but Evil Geniuses certainly look a bit stronger. Since they defeated both Secret and Tundra in the tiebreaker, it’s hard to not regard them as the favorite here.

The drafting phase will play a big role in determining the winner. But the problem is that both sides are very versatile.

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