DPC EEU Tour 3 Division I: Week 2 recap

Although Virtus.Pro plays under a different name — Outsiders — the line-up has won their second game in the... Fragster | 20. June 2022

Although Virtus.Pro plays under a different name — Outsiders — the line-up has won their second game in the first division of DPC EEU Tour 3, which puts them in a good position. Natus Vincere, who also got off to a fantastic start, securing two wins during Week 1, now lost to Team Spirit. 

Week 2 of DPC’s third tour saw five exciting Dota 2 matches, among which One Move’s two victories were undoubtedly the highlight. Here’s the recap of Week 2 of the DPC EEU Tour 3 Division I.

Mind Games vs. One Move

Game 1: Despite losing to Outsiders, the newcomers to Division I One Move have shown that they are not to be underestimated. Hardly anyone was surprised when Vasilii “AfterLife” Shishkin and the rest defeated Mind Games. In the first game between the two, many exciting heroes were used. 

One Move chose Pudge while their opponents chose Zeus for the mid-lane. While it’s true that Zeus isn’t the best against Pudge, the hero worked incredibly well against the other 4 heroes of OM. Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough to help Mind Games win. Some mistakes allowed One Move to bounce back and take a big lead. Sniper and Ember were becoming the strongest in the game, and even Zeus wasn’t strong enough to stop them.

Game 2: Mind Games seemed happy with Zeus, as the team decided to pick him again. However, instead of PA and Batrider, the team chose him along with AA and Faceless Void. The Ultrateam global combo seemed good on paper, but Mind Games didn’t have enough power to bring down OM’s Bristol and IO combo.

These two heroes have become incredibly popular lately for their insane damage. Also, it’s almost impossible to take out BB when an IO is in play. After the relatively even laning phase, OM took the lead. The team secured a kill on Roshan and won the Aegis, claiming the series.

Pari Parni vs. Outsiders

Game 1: The second match in division one featured the clash between Pari Parni and Outsiders. Everyone expected that Virtus.Pro (Outsiders) would have no problems in this game and win. Even though the team was successful, this series was not easy. Both teams used similar drafts.

Pari chose Dawnbreaker while Outsiders chose Marci and Lifestealer. Outsiders took the lead in the first game of the match and won straight away, as Lifesaver and Visage became too powerful for Pari’s weak midlane.

Game 2: Things changed in the second game of the series as Pari Parni received Invoker and Furion. As expected, the team used the two heroes to split the push and stop the opponent from pushing. Although Outsiders took an early lead and were strong in a 5v5 matchup, it took the team 55 minutes to win.

In the end, Void Spirit and Lifestealer were successful, but the Outsiders had to push hard to win. After the two wins, Outsiders are now in an excellent position to secure one of the spots for the Major.

Natus Vincere vs. Team Spirit

The match between Team Spirit and NAVI was the most anticipated and exciting game of the week. While Team Spirit is usually the big favorite, NAVI have won their first two games in the tournament, making themselves a worthy opponent for Spirit. In the end, Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey and the rest lost the match, however, the Ukrainian team proved they are on the right track.

Game 1: Both matches between these two powerhouses were fun, but the first one was the more exciting one. Typical for NAVI, the team started to play aggressively from the start. After a few kills, they took a 4k lead just 9 minutes into the game and it looked like Team Spirit had no way of fighting back.

In fact, Spirit were struggling until the 35th minute of the game when NAVI made a crucial error. The team lost their main heroes without killing anyone, and that was enough for the current TI champions to take the lead. Of course, a team of this calibre knows how to take advantage of such a mistake and win the map.

Game 2: NAVI were unsatisfied after failing to win a game they should have won and reflected on their playing style. Although the team got off to a good start, they weren’t as dominant as they were in the first game, at least not initially. 

All was going well for V-Tune and his team, but a top lane mistake resulted in 3 hero deaths and a triple kill for Spirit’s Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk. As expected, Team Spirit took advantage of this momentum and started pressuring their opponents. In the end, it was enough to secure a second win as well as the series.

Mind Games vs. Betboom Team

Game 1: The final series saw a battle between Mind Games and BetBoom Team. The latter was one of the best teams from CIS at ESL One Stockholm 2022, so fans were expecting a win, and they got it. Despite the poor start in the event after losing to NAVI, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev and the rest are back on the winning track.

The first game was the more interesting one because BB tried to use a very interesting pick. Mind Games had the better draft and even took the lead. However, they were unable to take advantage of the situation and allowed BB to hit back and win the map.


Game 2: The second game was a lot easier for the BetBoom team as they got their hands on their signature Nature’s Prophet. It’s safe to say that Nikita “Daxak” Kuzmin is one of the best “Nature’s Prophet” players out there, and he’s proven it once again. The player single-handedly led his team to victory.

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