DPC 2023 Tour 2 favorites in South America

The second Tour of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 is in full swing and South America is one of the... Radu M. | 16. March 2023

The second Tour of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 is in full swing and South America is one of the most exciting regions to follow for anyone who loves good Dota. The top teams have already taken their place at the top of the rankings table with victories in the first few matches.

Beastcoast and Evil Geniuses are easily the two biggest favorites to qualify for the Berlin Major, but which of them is going to win the regional competition?

Favorites for Tour 2 in the SA region

In Tour 1, beastcoast were the winners and Evil Geniuses finished second. The only thing that separated the two teams was the result of their direct match. Both of them had won all of their matches and beastcoast proved to be stronger when the two teams finally faced each other.

Now that Tour 2 has begun, it will be interesting to see if beastcoast can do it again. What they did in Tour 1 was considered an upset and rightly so. We can clearly see that it was based on the result of the Lima Major.

At this recent tournament, which brought together the strongest teams in the world, Evil Geniuses finished fifth-sixth, while beastcoast finished 9th-12th. The difference is substantial.

However, despite these results, we can see that beastcoast have not lost their desire to dominate the region. They already won their first two matches in the second Tour of the season. The first was against Keyd Stars while the second one was against Qhali.

Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses played their first match against Infinity and won but with some difficulties. Infinity won the first game thanks to a deadly Leshrac plus Drow combo. In games two and three, EG hit back with Clockwerk and some other heroes that are not that common for the current meta, such as Morphling and Templar Assassin.

It’s hard to take most of the South American team seriously when it comes to their chances to qualify for the Berlin Major. The top two teams are so strong that very few of the other competitors will be able to challenge them.

One potential challenger will be Thunder Awaken. In their first two matches, Thunder won against the same teams that were defeated by beastcoast. But now they’re about to play against beastcoast themselves. This battle is almost guaranteed to go wrong for Thunder.

Another potential challenger is Alliance.LATAM, but they’re much weaker than beastcoast and EG, so it’s hard to give them much of a chance. Plus they already lost their first match in Tour 2.

Header: Evil Geniuses