Disguised released their Challengers roster

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has released the Valorant Challenger roster and staff following the team’s subpar performance, which led... Shubh | 10. June 2023

Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has released the Valorant Challenger roster and staff following the team’s subpar performance, which led to their relegation from the North American Challengers League.

The popular content creator and owner of the esports organization Disguised (DSG), Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, has released the entire VCT Challengers roster, including the coach and players. The news comes four days after the North American Challenger team lost to MAD Lions 0-2, which resulted in their relegation from the NA Challengers League.

Disguised released their Challengers roster

DSG’s future is out in the air

DSG got off to a strong start as a team, winning seven consecutive open qualifying games to get to the NA Challengers League. Toast’s esports endeavor was warmly received by the Valorant community, and viewership rose as a result of his co-streaming of Disguised’s Challengers League games. The squad, however, struggled for the rest of the NA Challengers League, placing 8th in Split 1 and 7th or 8th in the Mid Season Face Off.

DSG signed the Valorant superstar Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker to salvage their season. The former star of OpTic Gaming, however, was unable to have the same success with his new team, DSG, as they failed to win a single game during their group stage run in Split 2. DSG finished 0-5 and was relegated to the Play-In Relegation, which was held from June 4 to June 5 and had the bottom four clubs competing in a double-elimination tournament to secure a berth in the upcoming Split.

Unfortunately for Disguised, they dropped the second game to MAD Lions after dropping the first game 0-2 to OREsports. The El Diablo, yay, expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s run after the team’s most recent loss and said he would donate his final payment from DSG to charity because he feels he didn’t deserve it. Disguised’s future in the Valorant scene is still out in the air, but the team’s owner is still involved in esports with his League of Legends squad, which will compete in its inaugural NACL match on Saturday. 

Even though Toast’s esports endeavor in Valorant may have come to a halt—whether permanently or only temporarily, time will tell—his influence and fandom made him a fascinating figure in the Valorant scene. As a seasoned content creator with millions of followers, he was able to draw attention to the Tier Two North American competitive scene and bridge the gap between the audience of casual video games and the world of professional esports.

Players and staff released by DSG

  •  Joshua “steel” Nissan
  •  Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar
  •  Joseph “clear” Allen
  •  Drake “Exalt” Branly
  •  Michael “nerve” Yerrow
  •  Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker
  •  Chris “riku” Piasecki (Substitute)
  •  Kyle “OCEAN” O’Brien (Coach)
  •  Matthew “slow” Amuah (Analyst)

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