Disguised announces Apex Legends lineup

Disguised Toast’s adventures in the esports scene continue, and this time they have surprised everyone by announcing an Apex... Eduardo | 23. August 2023

Disguised Toast’s adventures in the esports scene continue, and this time they have surprised everyone by announcing an Apex Legends lineup to compete in the ALGS.

Similarly, it’s worth mentioning that, at the moment, many Apex Legends lineups qualified for the ALGS Championship 2023 and didn’t have an organization to back them up. However, one of those lineups is no longer in limbo, as they decided to sign on to play under the Disguised banner.

In addition, the new Disguised lineup can generate a lot of expectations since we all know this content creator’s popularity worldwide.

Disguised announces its new Apex Legends lineup

Through a post on their Twitter account, Disguised Toast announced a new esports lineup, this time from Apex Legends. It is worth noting that this lineup will play in the ALGS Championship 2023, which starts next September 6.

This marks a new foray by Disguised Toast into the professional esports scene. Disguised currently has teams from VALORANT GC and LoL. Now, the former trio that played under the name Dude’s Night Out will do so under the Disguised banner in the ALGS’ biggest tournament. The team consists of the following players:

  • Trenton “lou” Clements
  • Adam “senoxe” Lau
  • Ira “dooplex” Shepherd

It is undeniable that this trio has a lot of experience in the Apex Legends competitive scene. Both senoxe and lou come from playing together in Sentinels, but lou was also part of CLG, LANimals, and Complexity Gaming recently.

On the other hand, dooplex is an experienced player who comes from playing with OpTic Gaming, and they dominated the scene in 2021. However, the team’s performance dropped so much that they drastically changed the lineup.

Toast jokes on his Twitter account

In response to his Twitter post with the announcement of the new Apex lineup, Toast joked and said that his “plan” was to sign teams that are playing at the “top-level” so that he would not have headaches “for 6 months”.

As we know, Disguised Toast’s forays into esports have had many ups and downs, but the recent victory of their League of Legends division in the NACL 2023 has given them an extra boost.

On the other hand, getting into the Apex Legends scene can be much easier than the rest since there are only 3 players that make up the lineup. In addition, 40 teams play the main tournaments on LAN.

While it is true that Disguised is not the favorite to win the ALGS Championship 2023, the fact of overcoming the LCQs in NA gives them extra confidence. Remember that, in Apex Legends, NA is the strongest region in the world in the competitive scene.

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