Fragster | 2. August 2022

Did Kephrii cheat at 100k CS:GO tournament?

Twitch streamers Gale Adelaide and Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre, who are particularly well known in the Overwatch community, have been accused of teaming up to cheat at FACEIT’s $100,000 CS:GO ReadyUp Invitational tournament. Many players claim they pushed each other with high point kills to get to the top despite being on opposite teams.

Cheating has no place in esports, but unfortunately, it happens again and again. With esports tournaments offering thousands of dollars in prize money, cheating can be a serious offense resulting in an immediate ban from the competition and future events. However, this often doesn’t stop players from trying their luck.

Did the two streamers cheat?

The scoring system of the ReadyUp Invitational Tournament is a bit unusual in the way that it is based on individual skill rather than team Victory Points. This allows high-scoring individual players to compete for the grand prize. The points are distributed as follows: kill – one point, assist – two points, knife kill – five points.

Since players can hear each other running after them, a knife kill is usually quite hard to get. Despite this, Gale got three knife kills against Kephrii, while Kephrii got two knife kills against Gale. A clip was shown in Jake Lucky’s tweet of Gale killing Kephrii with ease. That, as well as other kills, made many players suspicious. Some players wanted to stop playing, but that would have resulted in disqualification, so the play continued.

Kephrii protest his innocence

Following the accusations, Kephrii stated he was innocent. In a tweet reply to Jake Lucky, he noted that he “really didn’t hear [Gale]” and clarified that he hadn’t played CS:GO in three years and was, therefore, a bit rusty. Kephrii’s explanation for the knife kill on Mirage was that he didn’t hear Gale fall out of the apartment. Meanwhile, Gale haven’t provided any official statement.