Chinese Dota 2 team Knights disbands following match-fixing allegations

The novel that revolved around the Chinese Knights team during the last few months is over. After it was... Eduardo | 7. March 2023

The novel that revolved around the Chinese Knights team during the last few months is over. After it was expected that there would be a clean resolution of great magnitude in one of the significant controversies of this early season of Dota 2, it seems that it will not be so.

And is that the Chinese team accused of cheating and match-fixing has disbanded after they were crushed in the Dota 2 Lima Major.

Knights unexpectedly disbanded after Lima Major

After an intense squad rebuilds following The International 10 last October, Knights rose from the ashes on the Dota 2 scene in China. Despite their strong showing at the DPC Winter Tour in China, the team’s performance was tainted by accusations of cheating and match-fixing.

In January 2023, everything began to cloud over for Knights. When the DPC season started to heat up, accusations began against the team for using cheats against big teams in this region, such as PSG.LGD and Team Aster. Different important personalities within the Dota 2 scene denounced this by all means, and even the tournament organizer, Perfect World, gathered evidence and sent it to the developers. However, this remained there, as there was no information regarding these accusations.

This was the turning point for this team because after qualifying for the Dota 2 Lima Major, Knights was accused again, but this time for match-fixing. They point out that it was one of the DPC’s end-of-season matches.

The scandal escalated at the Lima Major

The team arrived at the Lima Major to prove that all the accusations were without any basis whatsoever. However, they reaffirmed them, as the team won only one match out of the 16 they played in the group stage. This set alarm bells ringing around Knights, and many noticed strange patterns in their play. Many online betting insiders noted that there were “abnormal” bets when some Knights games were played, including the series against EHOME.

After all the accusations, Valve did not comment on the matter or take any action against the team. However, everything seems to indicate that many more activities are occurring within the organization. Reportedly, all but one of the team’s players decided to leave the Knights’ main lineup effective immediately.

According to the DPC’s official record on its website, Luo “eGo” Bin, Su “Flyby” Lei, and Vincent “AlaCrity” Hiew have signed up with a team called Solitude.

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On the other hand, Xiao “XCJ” Chaojian is now part of Antarctic Penguins.

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Finally, we will have to wait for the next DPC Tour to know the teams’ lineups that will form in each division. However, if all this turns out to be as it seems, all the accusations will likely be left in the air, and the players will start their adventures (good or bad) in different teams.

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