VALORANT Champions 2021: What We Know So Far

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 will conclude with a Champions event in Berlin. There, the best teams of the... Fabio | 10. October 2021

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 will conclude with a Champions event in Berlin. There, the best teams of the year will meet yet again and play for the most important VALORANT trophy so far. We’ve put together all the important information on what’s going on and who we can expect to see there!

After VCT Masters Berlin, Gambit and Sentinels are confirmed for the event already. This means that they two frontrunners of 2021 will be present and we can already get excited to hopefully see the winners of VCT Masters Stage 2 and Stage 3 duel it out.

Key Information: VALORANT Champions Berlin

  • Location: Berlin
  • 16 Team
  • Confirmed for the event:
    • EMEA: Gambit, Acend, Fnatic
    • NA: Sentinels, Envy
    • LATAM: KRÜ
    • BR: Vikings, Keyd
    • KR: Vision Strikers
    • JP: Crazy Raccoon
    • SEA: X10 Esports, Team Secret
  • Starts on December 2
  • Ends on December 12
  • Prize pool to be decided
  • Format to be decided

The VALORANT Championship will go on for ten days. The format isn’t yet known, but we might draw some educated guesses from VCT Masters Berlin. Back then, RIOT utilized GSL Groups (Round-Robin for the group with only three participants) and Single Elimination playoffs. At Masters, they had a whopping $700.000 up for grabs – so we can expect VALORANT Champions to feature an even bigger prize purse.

Gambit’s victory in Berlin gave them a direct ticket for this event. The other teams acquired their slots via the Circuit Points they had accumulated throughout the year.

The Last Chance Qualifiers

Per region, one spot at VALORANT Champions is still up for grabs. In the EMEA LCQ, teams like G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and SuperMassive Blaze will brawl for the very last ticket. The tournament is taking place online and will feature a Double Elimination bracket. This gives teams a second chance. Lots of prominent European competitors like Heretics and FunPlus Phoenix didn’t acquire enough Circuit Points to make the cut and will now have to watch the last chapter of the VALORANT Champions Tour unfold from their homes.

In North America, Masters semi-finalists 100 Thieves are still fighting for their place at Champions. In order to succeed, they first have to get past the likes of FaZe, Version1, Cloud9, and lots of dangerous opponents. They’ve got one ace up their sleeves – the Last Chance Qualifier for NA is taking place offline. The Thieves have taken away lots of experience from VCT Masters and this will surely come to benefit them now.

VALORANT Champions 2021 is drawing ever closer. In the meantime, the Last Chance Qualifiers will provide us with lots of action and complete the eventual playing field for that event. Set a bookmark for Fragster now so that you don’t miss a single bit of our VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 coverage!