Riot Games titles are now available in China

Finally, Riot Games titles will be playable in China following an official announcement by the local government. In addition,... Eduardo | 28. December 2022

Finally, Riot Games titles will be playable in China following an official announcement by the local government. In addition, China has re-established the approval process for publishing foreign-developed games within the country.

This was announced today, the day 45 different games were approved for licensing in the country to be published during December. Including VALORANT, from the American company Riot Games.

Official announcement

The National Press and Publication Administration in China announced that Riot Games’ FPS, VALORANT, will be available for play in the country starting today.

With this, the video game regulator approved both VALORANT and the other five famous titles from the Tencent conglomerate, owned by Riot Games. This means Chinese gamers will finally have access to this awesome video game.

This does not mean that Chinese players have not been able to play this Riot title. Instead, many of them used a VPN to play with the Hong Kong servers.

Despite the restrictions in their country, many professional teams have flourished, such as EDward Gaming, a team that played in this year’s VALORANT Champions.

Suspension of videogame licenses

This comes as China’s video game market was directly affected by the seasonal suspension of videogame licensing in August 2021. In April 2022, the videogame licensing accreditation began only for Chinese titles.

Long before the ban, the Chinese government implemented several strict measures, limiting young people’s time playing video games.

Extreme government measures for a vast community

It is no secret that the various restrictions on video games in China have resulted in children spending much less time in front of screens. Moreover, the research company CNG and the China Gaming Industry Group Committee praised the measures taken.

There is no doubt that these are very aggressive measures. So, little by little, time will prove or disprove them. But, on this occasion, it does not seem to prove them right.

China is, without a doubt, one of the leading markets for different video game companies. In addition, Riot Games has 27 servers in China, which has allowed millions of people to play their games.

This change in China’s national regulations means that players must now be able to access Riot’s servers without the need to use a VPN.

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