Shubh | 25. January 2023

BLAST Premier Spring Groups Day 6 recap

On the sixth day of play, the BLAST Premier Spring Groups featured two distinct matches that pitted four of the best CS:GO teams against one another for a berth in the grand final of their respective group. The Danish squad Heroic keeps up their spectacular play to secure a spot against Team Vitality in the Group A final. Meanwhile, in Group B’s lower bracket, OG and Liquid squared off to determine the second grand finalist of the group.

OG smash  Liquid to reach the final of Group C

OG completed their lower bracket run at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 after taking down Liquid in the consolidation final. Heroic started off the series in a good form but failed to convert their lead into a victory despite stavn’s best efforts to boost the team over the finish line.

OG allowed no room for error against the North American side, cruising through a 16:12 victory at Mirage to put themselves at a massive advantage heading into Liquid’s map pick of Ancient.

The second map ended up being Liquid’s show, as OG added only eight rounds to their tally throughout the map before the North American team claimed the map to equalize the series. The decider of the best-of-three series Overpass saw the two squads trade rounds back and forth before OG emerged as the ultimate winner following a series of dominant wins in the second half.

Abdul “⁠degster⁠” Gasanovr stepped up with a brilliant showing to take the win over the line for his side, securing a total of 63 kills with an HLTV rating of 1.2. The European team will face North American powerhouse FaZe Clan on Thursday in Group B’s final, from which the winner will advance to the seasonal final, and the loser will be sent to the gauntlet.

Heroic complete their revenge on EG

Heroic finally got their retribution against Evil Geniuses, overpowering the North American squad with a reverse sweep to advance to the lower bracket final of Group A.

Sanzhar “neaLaN” Iskhakov, the in-game leader of EG, amassed 25 kills on Nuke to help the American-dominated composition to a 16- 9 victory, granting the team an early 1-0 advantage.  However, in-game leader Casper “cadiaN” Møller, and rifler Rasmus “sjuush” Neck, both put up outstanding performances, providing the fuel that allowed Heroics’ recovery to take off.

It didn’t take long for the world’s No. 1 team to bring the scoreline all the way back to 1-1. Heroic had discovered the winning formula despite EG’s best attempts, and the team didn’t hesitate to exploit it to eventually win the pivotal map Mirage 16-5 and the series in a resounding 2-1 fashion.

Whilst Evil Geniuses had ⁠cadiaN⁠ and Rasmus sjuush⁠ to thank for their successes in the second game of the series, Martin “stavn” Lund’s skill, who led the way with 24 kills and a 1.60 HLTV rating on the pivotal map, was also a significant factor in the rest of their good fortune. With this painful loss, EG are demoted to the knockout stage and are now only one loss from being eliminated from the competition, dropping straight to the Blast Showdown.

Header: OG