Big Update for LCS Fans: Bo3 Format May Be Coming in 2024 Summer Split

In a major shake-up for League of Legends fans, the North American LCS is set to reintroduce the best-of-three... Aleksandar | 19. April 2024

In a major shake-up for League of Legends fans, the North American LCS is set to reintroduce the best-of-three (Bo3) series format in the 2024 Summer Split.

This move marks a return to a format last seen in 2017 and aligns the LCS with other top international leagues, such as China’s LPL and Korea’s LCK, which have consistently used the Bo3 format.

What the New Format Means for Fans and Teams

The announcement follows insights shared by esports content creator Travis Gafford, who highlighted that the change aims to enhance competition and viewer engagement.

The shift from the best-of-one format, which has been standard since 2018, could significantly alter how teams prepare and compete, offering more games per match-up and potentially changing the league dynamics.

The decision by LCS commissioner MarkZ and other league officials appears to respond to community feedback calling for a more dynamic and competitive viewing experience.

While the exact schedule is still being finalized, the league is not expected to extend the number of play days significantly, thus maintaining a compact and intense competition calendar.

Exploring the Strategy Shifts

One of the critical aspects of this format change is the strategic depth it introduces.

Teams will face each other in at least two games per match, providing a chance to adapt and evolve strategies between games, a feature that was sorely missed in the single-game format.

This could lead to more exciting and unpredictable matches, increasing the overall quality of the competition.

Scheduled Breaks and International Events

Moreover, the LCS plans to implement a two-week break during the Summer Split to coincide with the 2024 Esports World Cup.

This break is similar to the pause taken during the Spring Split, which accommodated other events and helped maintain a balanced schedule for the players and teams.

Community Cheers for Bo3’s Return

Fans and analysts have mostly welcomed the return to the Bo3 format, seeing it as a positive step towards enhancing the league’s competitive integrity.

The format has been celebrated for providing a more accurate measure of team strength across different strategies and conditions.

Despite these changes, the playoffs will continue to use the best-of-five (Bo5) format, ensuring that the high stakes and intensity of playoff matches remain a highlight of the LCS season.

A Promising Future for LCS

The LCS’s return to the Bo3 format in the upcoming 2024 Summer Split has been greeted with enthusiasm from both fans and participants.

It promises to make the league more competitive and engaging, aligning it with global standards and potentially increasing its appeal to a broader audience.

As the league continues to adapt and evolve, the excitement for what’s next never wanes among the dedicated community of League of Legends fans.