Astralis and G2 Esports qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Final

Astralis, G2 Esports, BIG, and Team Liquid were the four teams of BLAST Premier Spring Groups that lost the... Radu M. | 29. January 2024

Astralis, G2 Esports, BIG, and Team Liquid were the four teams of BLAST Premier Spring Groups that lost the Grand Finals of the four groups, A, B, C, and D. So they were sent to the play-in stage for one last chance to qualify for BLAST Premier Spring Final directly.

In this stage, all they had to do was to defeat their rivals and win a single best-of-three series. Astralis had to play against BIG while G2 had to play against Liquid. In both cases, the battle was tough but the favorite ultimately won.

Astralis vs. BIG: 2 – 1

This match had a lot of incredible rounds. The tension was high and the audience loved it. The scores were 12 – 16 on Vertigo, 13 – 9 on Overpass, and 16 – 14 on Ancient. You couldn’t have asked for a more hyped match.

Quite surprisingly, Astralis was carried by Staehr, who finished with a personal score of 60 K – 50 D. Device played poorly, or perhaps he simply accepted to be used in a role that doesn’t provide too many opportunities to get kills but severely exposes you to the risk of getting killed. Whatever the reason, his score was 39 – 48, which is a rare occurrence.

Luckily for Astralis, on BIG there was a single player who had an excellent performance: Krimbo. He finished the match with a score of 63 – 47. Apart from him, everyone struggled to stay afloat.

BIG picked the first map of the match and won it, which clearly indicates that they were well prepared. But on the other two maps, they could not match Astralis’ firepower.

G2 vs. Liquid: 2 – 0

This was a classic example of what happens when two formidable rosters meet but one of them has vastly more experience in competing as a group than the other.

G2 simply shot down Liquid’s strongest players, who started to tilt because they aren’t used to having poor individual scores. YEKINDAR and Twistzz were hunted down round after round, eventually finishing the match with an ADR of 70.2 and 60.2 respectively. Both of them were in the red and nobody on Liquid had a positive KD score.

Meanwhile, NiKo and huNter- played really well for G2. M0NESY also shined, but his score was more modest than usual.

The map scores were not very close but Liquid still played well: 13 – 10 on Overpass and 13 – 7 on Anubis.

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