Apex Pro League Spot Revoked Due to Breach of Terms

In an unexpected development, a different Apex Legends squad saw its Pro League aspirations dashed due to violations of... | 20. December 2023

In an unexpected development, a different Apex Legends squad saw its Pro League aspirations dashed due to violations of the game’s Terms of Service.

MDY Red, champions of the APAC South Qualifier’s fourth week, found themselves excluded from further participation on December 19. The revelation emerged when Apex Esports’ official channels disclosed the advancing teams post-qualifiers. Notably absent from the list was MDY Red, prompting APAC South expert im_b_rad to confirm the team’s disqualification. Reports suggest that the team engaged in prohibited collaboration, a clear violation outlined in the ALGS official rulebook.

Reason Behind MDY Red’s Ouster

The set criteria for “collusion” in the game rules are comprehensive, outlining various scenarios. While EA hasn’t clarified the specific infractions leading to MDY Red’s removal, other ALGS community members claim to have identified the transgressions.

ALGS content creator JMeyels reported that MDY Red, through a Discord communication with EXC’s Walsh, altered their Point of Interest (POI) to align with a team named Farmers Market during the finals’ fifth game. MDY Red’s strategic shift, despite their advantageous point standing, paved the way for EXC’s success.

Ocean Turtle Steps In for MDY Red

In the wake of MDY Red’s exit, Ocean Turtle, previously qualified based on last season’s point accumulation, will now represent in the APAC South Pro League.

Remarkably, this marks the third instance within a week where an ALGS pre-season participant faced disqualification from the Pro League. Just days prior to the ultimate qualifier, IP-related TOS breaches sidelined two members of EMEA’s Redragon. Despite their strong qualifying position, Redragon contested the decision.

Further complicating matters, a day earlier, Three Dragons’ Sunzyyy received a last-minute suspension before the EMEA preliminary final. This left his duo teammates to compete solo, missing out on qualification. Consequently, “40%worse,” led by Mande and Shiv, secured the vacant spot on December 19.

These series of suspensions within a week spotlight concerns over EA and Respawn’s oversight on cheating. With six players implicated across these episodes, EA’s delayed response has stirred confusion across multiple ALGS sectors.

While enthusiasts anticipate smooth sailing into the 2024 Apex Pro League starting January 20, recent events caution against premature certainty. The unfolding ALGS narrative underscores that in competitive Apex, certainties emerge only when all decisions solidify.