Apex Legends Mobile might be coming back

Although the developers have not yet formally confirmed the redesigned Apex Legends Mobile, there is still hope that the... Shubh | 16. March 2023

Although the developers have not yet formally confirmed the redesigned Apex Legends Mobile, there is still hope that the game will make a strong comeback soon.

Early in January, Electronic Arts surprised the mobile gaming industry by announcing that Apex Legends Mobile would be discontinued despite numerous indications of the multiplayer shooting game’s apparent success. Just a year after its official debut, the game—once hailed as the hottest title for the mobile market—failed to live up to fans’ expectations and will shortly be pulled offline.

While the community was disappointed by the news, it’s possible that Apex Legends Mobile will return in the future. EA CEO Andrew Wilson provided an update during an earnings call in February that might indicate that Apex Legends will be back on mobile devices but with certain adjustments. 

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, stated “ Apex Legends Mobile might come back as a unified single-player experience. Wilson’s remarks appear to be a reference to a reimagined Apex Legends that includes additional features like cross-play and cross-progression between the PC, console, and mobile versions of the game.

The mobile version of Apex Legends may follow in the footsteps of Fortnite, which has been offering the same connected environment for years, and the recently released Warzone Mobile, which also allows cross-progression.

Given the complexity of Apex, cross-platform play is doubtful, but a game with better cross-platform networking capabilities could be in the works. Players shouldn’t get too enthusiastic just soon, though, since the current state of Apex Legends Mobile suggests that its makeover could take years. EA has plans to make Apex Legends a ten-year franchise and is not planning to abandon the franchise any time soon. 

What exactly did Apex Legends Mobile lack in the first place?

Wilson gave three explanations for the likely closure of Apex Mobile on the earnings call. The mobile game’s apparent failure to foster an atmosphere that promoted teamwork among squad members was the first reason. The retention of players was cited as the second factor in the mobile game’s collapse.

Wilson cited the lack of a strong connection between Apex Legends Mobile and the broader franchise as the third and biggest cause for its failure. Since the title had no cross-play, Apex Legends Mobile has rebuffed players’ aspirations to compete with their rivals across PC and console.

This is because Apex Legends Mobile was created by Respawn Entertainment in collaboration with Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, the same team that created the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

Header: EA