Ame Ranks Professional Dota 2 Carry Players In A Tier List

During the BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 tournament, one of the greatest Carry players in the world, Ame, ranked his... Owen | 17. February 2024

During the BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 tournament, one of the greatest Carry players in the world, Ame, ranked his counterparts in the tournament using a tier list. Yatoro was ranked the highest on the list.

In a video for DACHA Dubai’s filler content, Ame was tasked to rank all Carry players participating in the million-dollar tournament. He was given the option to place the Carry players from the S tier down to the C tier. However, Ame didn’t have the heart to place any player in the C tier and could not decide between placing some players in the S or A.

S Tier

The only player to receive a full S tier from Ame is the young prodigy Yatoro. The Ukrainian played lights out the previous year, claiming the rarest title in all of Dota, being a two-time TI winner. 

A+ Tier

Ame placed three players between the S and A tier, so let’s call this the A+ tier. The uncrowned king put himself along with Azure Ray’s Lou and skiter from Team Falcons. 

Though Ame is known as one of the best Carry players of all time, he has just returned to professional Dota 2 after a year off and is still shaking off the rust. 

Lou has been incredibly consistent throughout 2023 and 2024 and is an up-and-coming Carry player who, in my opinion, is heavily underrated. He finished third place at The International 12, first place at ESL One Kuala Lumpur, and fourth place at BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024, all with different iterations of the roster. 

Despite changing teammates left and right, Lou still makes deep runs in S-Tier events, showing he is an integral part of the Azure Ray roster. 

The other Carry player on the A+ Tier is TI-winner skiter, who ended up winning the entire event with Team Falcons. Skiter is not too flashy and is the type of player to prioritize getting the job done over generating highlight reels. 

A Tier

Ame placed six players in the A tier, making it the most crowded section of the tier list. He included Kiritych, Yuragi, 23savage, Nightfall, shiro, and miCKe. 

All of these players are very mechanically skilled, and there is no doubt that they have the capabilities to put their teammates on their backs. However, apart from Yuragi, none of these players have won an S-Tier event yet, which is probably why they can only reach the A tier. 

B Tier

Though the C tier is the lowest option, Ame put the two lowest players in the B tier: Yuma and dyrachyo. 

Placing dyrachyo in the lowest tier might stir some controversies, considering he helped the Gaimin Gladiators win almost every event in 2023. However, dyarchy is known to be a super-aggressive player that goes for high-risk, high-reward plays. When these plays do not work out, he ends up feeding in baffling ways.

The other player is Yuma from Nouns. Yuma started getting recognition in 2023 and has yet to make a single deep run in an S-Tier tournament. I think Yuma is a talented player, but he has not proved his worth yet, so placing him in the B tier seems fair.