AGON PRO AG274QZM is the new monitor for competitive games

For the most demanding computers for competitive gaming and esports, specialist AOC introduced the AGON PRO AG274QZM. The quality... Maria | 15. February 2023

For the most demanding computers for competitive gaming and esports, specialist AOC introduced the AGON PRO AG274QZM.

The quality of esports monitors is improving, as their cost is rising from TN panels that are very fast and inexpensive but with poor image quality. People are considering the new Mini LED-backlit IPS, which offers better resolutions and image improvement at all levels without sacrificing the performance needed for this type of work.

About the AGON PRO AG274QZM

The 27-inch diagonal AGON PRO AG274QZM has a native QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. In addition, it features DisplayHDR 1000 certification and 576 local dimming zones, ensuring high brightness (up to 1200 nits), deep blacks, and excellent image quality.

It includes height, tilt, swivel, pivot adjustment for optimal configuration, and a robust and ergonomic stand with integrated cable management.


Credits: AOC

AGON PRO AG274QZM Features

240hz refresh rate

High-end GPUs are fully utilized with 240 Hz, giving your display unparalleled fluidity. They dramatically enhance the gaming experience, with every detail brought into sharp focus and every movement rendered with clarity.

Mini LED

This new monitor is thinner than typical LED displays but combines maximum brightness with the best picture clarity and uniformity thanks to integrated Mini-LED technology.

QHD resolution

The Quad HD (QHD) display delivers higher picture quality and sharper images that highlight minor details with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Grey-to-green 1ms response time

a proper GtG reaction time of 1 millisecond and supports G-Sync image synchronization technology.

Incredible colors

Offers more than 1 billion color options and an exceptionally high DCI-P3 color standard.

IPS panel

Promises an exceptional viewing experience thanks to the vivid, true-to-life, and brilliant colors of the IPS panel. No matter where you look, the colors on display look the same.

Quickly switch

Users can move between two sources (a gaming computer and a professional or broadcast computer). In addition, save your preferred monitor settings using AGON’s QuickSwitch, and you can switch between them with a single click.


KVM switching hardware allows you to share a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor between multiple PCs.


Credits: AOC

Picture by Picture (PBP)

Picture by Picture is a feature that allows you to use multiple sources simultaneously and display them on the same monitor, such as your laptop and desktop PC.

Built-in speakers

This monitor has built-in speakers where you can enjoy high-quality audio.

Six gaming modes

With the push of a button, your monitor can adjust to your game. Preset modes for FPS, racing, and RTS games are available, or you can customize and save your preferred settings. Changing profiles or adjusting functions is easy with AOC’s configuration keyboard.

Low Input Lag

You can improve your reflexes by switching to AOC’s Low Input Lag mode. This setting configures the monitor to speed up its response time in exchange for a reduction in visual quality, giving you a significant advantage in competitions that require high-speed shots.

The AGON PRO AG274QZM is available at an official price of $1049.

Header: AOC