| 15. March 2022

10 Dota 2 players banned for account sharing and match fixing

Because of account sharing at the SEA DPC Open Qualifier and committing match fixing the two Dota 2 lineups of Team Apex and Team Orca were banned forever from Valve events. One of the players stood out earlier for rule-breaking.

10 players involved in match fixing scandal

In Dota 2, there was another match fixing incident. This time, ten players from a total of two teams were affected – A team that played in the SEA Open Qualifier called Team Apex and a SEA Division II team called Team Orca were involved in a match fixing scandal. The scandal involved many well-known Southeast Asian players.

Team Apex faced ChubbyBoiz in the round of 16 and won the match during the SEA Open Qualifier for the Spring Tour DPC. With this win they were crowned champions. But all of a sudden, the tournament organizers disqualified Team Apex. Shortly after, it was announced that Team Orca was disqualified by the SEA DPC.

Team Orca played in the tournament as Team Apex

The following statement was made about the incidents: “During the last DPC SEA Qualifier, it was revealed that Team Orca players used Team Apex accounts to play on their behalf. This is an unacceptable breach of competitive integrity by both teams.” The match fixing has resulted in a suspension for both teams. “It has been decided to permanently ban all members of Team Orca and Apex from Valve events,” the SEA DPC League said.

Another team from the Open Qualifier will take their place due to the team’s exclusion from the DPC. To select Team Orca’s replacement, the organizers will hold a Closed Qualifier consisting of the Top 10 Open Qualifier teams. Team Orca used to be called Ragdoll and they were a promising Division II team. Just recently they won the BTS Pro Series SEA Season 10. They showed a pretty promising performance during the tournament, however their performance is now overshadowed by match fixing. The players’ careers are now over and many fans are wondering if they were cheating before as well.

Orca players were playing on behalf of Team Apex, which is a clear violation of the rules, according to the official statement. The ten players received a permanent ban from all Valve events as punishment.

These are the banned players:

Team Apex:

  • Namir “QWE” Mohammad
  • Bùi “hunghung” Văn Hùng
  • Pang “BrayaNt” Jian Zhe
  • JJ – 杨俊杰
  • Nguy n “Datbb” Thành Đ tễ ạ

Team Orca:

  • Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao
  • Zhou “Yif” Yifu
  • Wang Liang
  • Wong “Gy” Kok Guan
  • Lai “AhJit” Jay Son

vtFaded already banned for one year

The player vtFaded has attracted attention for illegal activities not for the first time, because last year there was also an incident. During season 2 of DPC in 2021, vtFaded played in the Open Qualifier using a Smurf account. As a result vtFaded was banned for about a year. During the BTS Pro Series SEA S10 and other tournaments, Team Orca was involved in multiple game manipulations. The 10 players fromTeam Apex and Team Orca were also banned from all BTS events and tournaments. The prize money will now be redistributed because they were the champions of the tournament.

Players innocent?

After the ban was imposed, it was noticed that vtFaded was liking tweets that some players from the two teams were innocent. In a tweet, he claimed that he didn’t know anything about the account sharing incident and that he wants to prove his innocence in this case: “I will try to gather some information and hopefully appeal to Valve that I have nothing to do with this and am innocent of game tampering and account sharing,” vtFaded said.

At the moment, there is no statement from the other players. Whether vtFaded can prove his innocence remains to be seen, but for now he remains banned, just like the other players.