WZM: ISO Hemlock best-for-mobile loadout!

The ISO Hemlock was among one of the favorite ARs by players who were playing Warzone Mobile before any... Paolo | 15. April 2024

The ISO Hemlock was among one of the favorite ARs by players who were playing Warzone Mobile before any of the MWIII guns were ported to it. During its Limited Release run, the ISO Hemlock was a beamer that combined a slower rate of fire with very controllable recoil patterns and painful damage per shot, allowing it to be used in the mid-to-long range category.

While the ISO Hemlock has been outclassed by similar weapons with faster bullet velocities and time to kill such as the RAM-7 and Holger 556, this classic is also one of the more prominent ground loot weapons in the field.

The ISO Hemlock may become a comfort and nostalgia pick that can find a way to slay using these attachments:

NOTE: MWII guns have yet to receive compatibility with MWIII attachments in Warzone Mobile. We will update this page accordingly once MWIII attachments are available.


BARREL: Fielder T-50 Barrel (unlocked at Level 13)

Longer range engagements are made viable with this barrel upgrade, which can allow users to beam out, especially when looking down from buildings or aiming at an open field. This is also a key attachment to use for your ISO Hemlock as this will help you extend the range and bullet velocity of the weapon.

MAGAZINE: 45 Round Mag (unlocked at Level 18)

While having only 45 rounds as a maximum mag capacity upgrade available, this will help you make the most out of the ISO Hemlock’s fire power as it effectively reduces reload times while also allowing you to rain down accurate and sustained fire.

MUZZLE: Echoless 80 (unlocked by leveling the TAQ-56 to Level 14)

One of the best muzzle attachment for ARs in the MWII era, the Echoless-80 helps in increasing bullet velocity as well as firing aim stability, with an added benefit of being undetectable by radar as the attachment is a silencer. This also adds the benefit of better a lesser aim down sight speed penalty, making the Echoless-80 a viable option.

OPTIC: AIM-OP V4 (unlocked by leveling the BAS-P to Level 5)

The most effective optic for the MWII-era attachments, the AIM-OP V4 allows for precise target acquisition with minimal to controllable visual recoil, allowing you to make the most out of your ISO Hemlock.

UNDERBARREL: FTAC Ripper 56 (unlocked by leveling up the Lachmann 762 to Level 6)

Undoubtedly the best mix of aiming stability and handling in a grip for MWII attachments, the FTAC Ripper 56 will ensure you stay on target while also controlling the effective recoil pattern of the weapon.


UNDERBARREL: VX Pineapple (unlocked by leveling up the 556 Icarus to Level 14)

The VX Pineapple offers great stability and control when firing, especially when beaming out or in prolonged firing scenarios.

AMMUNITION: .300 BLK Armor Piercing (unlocked by leveling up the Chimera to Level 4)

The .300 BLK AP attachment significantly increases the damage potential of this ISO Hemlock build by allowing the user to have a higher damage per shot and penetrating power at the cost of slower bullet velocity times which can be mitigated either by the Fielder T50 or the Echoless 80.

These attachments will help make sure the ISO Hemlock is another viable choice for those who wish to stick with their classic loadouts!