WZM: Haymaker best-for-mobile loadout!

While shotguns in Warzone Mobile may be challenging to use at first, it can become a deadly close-combat weapon... Paolo | 19. April 2024

While shotguns in Warzone Mobile may be challenging to use at first, it can become a deadly close-combat weapon when in the right hands.

The Haymaker has been a staple of those who want to use a close-combat weapon that can be used for room clearing with a fully automatic weapon.

Here is a list of recommended attachments for this close-combat classic!

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BARREL: Imperator Long Barrel (unlocked at Level 19)

This heavy barrel is the best bang for this shotgun’s large .410 bore round by adding little boost to damage range – perfect for those close-range engagements that may need you to step from, say, the entry of a door to a room.

MUZZLE: Crown Breaker Choke (unlocked by leveling the Lockwood 680 to Level 18)

Undoubtedly the best option to tighten up pellets, the Crown Breaker Choke allows for a smaller scatter area especially at close ranges. With tighter pellet spreads, this may allow you to down enemies in a few shots.


AFTERMARKET PART: JAK Maglift Kit (unlocked via the Arsenal Store)

A true automatic AMP that elevates the performance of your Haymaker, the JAK Maglift Kit grants you a generous 60 round magazine and a binary trigger. Make the most of this attachment by using this automatic shotgun attachment at close range!

LASER: FTAC Grimline Laser (unlocked by leveling the TAQ-V to Level 5 or the DG-56 to Level 10)

The FTAC Grimline Laser ensures that your Haymaker can have a faster sprint to fire speed while also controlling both hip recoil and spread.

UNDERBARREL: Bruen Tactical Vertical Grip (unlocked by leveling the MCW to Level 9)

This grip helps capitalize on the potential of the Haymaker to become a hip fire beast by stabilizing the weapon’s gun kick and also reducing a bit of the hipfire spread.


AMMUNITION: 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath (unlocked by leveling up the Expedite 12 shotgun to Level 28)

While this ammo type has been recently nerfed, a well-placed Dragon’s Breath round may replace the bolt for split-second sustained damage that can, in some places, be enough to down unarmored opponents. This can be particularly deadly in modes such as Rebirth Resurgence which are close quarter battle oriented.

Feel free to utilize these attachments and make the most out of this automatic, .410 Bore beast!