Worlds 2023 semifinals predictions

The semifinals of Worlds 2023 are about to begin. Just four teams are left in the race and all... Radu M. | 10. November 2023

The semifinals of Worlds 2023 are about to begin. Just four teams are left in the race and all of them are exceptional. The difference will be made by the players’ ability to focus and perform at their highest level when it matters most.

In the match between Bilibili Gaming and Weibo Gaming, Bilibili is without a doubt the favorite. But in the match between JD Gaming and T1, it’s not so clear that JDG is the favorite.

Bilibili Gaming vs. Weibo Gaming

These two teams know each other well because they’re from the same region. In China’s LPL, they last faced each other in June this year. Bilibili won 2-1. The fact that Webo managed to win a game, combined with their excellent performance in the quarterfinals against NRG, seems to suggest that this won’t be a quick 3-0.

However, even if the match goes the distance, Bilibili will not be stopped unless they make a lot of bad mistakes. NRG are from North America, so Weibo’s clean 3-0 against them does not mean very much.

On top of that, Weibo finished LPL Spring and LPL Summer 5th – 6th. In both cases, Bilibili did far better, finishing 2nd and 3rd. This strong Chinese team also finished 2nd at MSI 2023, which further indicates their prowess.

Since the start of 2023, when Weibo managed to beat Bilibili in the Grand Final of Weibo Cup 2022, Bilibili has been the stronger side. That’s likely to help them win this best-of-five and send them to the Grand Final. If JDG manages to do the same against T1, we will have a rematch of the MSI 2023 Grand Final, which should be fun to watch.

The only thing that’s strange is that the Grand Final of Worlds 2023 would be a purely Chinese battle. A lot of LoL fans would much rather watch T1 competing against Bilibili.

T1 vs. JDG

This is the moment Faker has been preparing for all year. It’s been seven years since he last won Worlds, and he probably feels the intensity of this semifinal.

Given JDG’s results at previous events this year, one could immediately disregard T1 and just assume that the match will end with a 3-0 or 3-1 result in JDG’s favor. But it’s not that easy to draw conclusions here. T1 dismantled LNG Esports in the quarterfinals while JDG lost a game against KT Rolster.

T1’s chances are certainly above 40%.

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