Radu M. | 7. May 2021

ppd Joins Alliance

Alliance has 4 wins and 1 loss in one of the most challenging Dota Pro Circuit regions in the world: Western Europe. The team got 4 victories in its first 4 matches but then surprisingly lost to Brame, one of the underdogs. However, let’s keep in mind that Alliance itself entered to race as an underdog, after failing to qualify for the Playoffs of the Singapore Major.

Can ppd Help?

ppd is a former TI champion with Evil Geniuses (in 2015) and one of the most impressive captains in the history of the game. He’s not known for his coaching abilities but considering what a coach does in Dota 2, I think he can do a great job for any team.

Alliance has s4, Loda, and a few other players whose drafting and game knowledge is vast. Let’s not forget that this team is a former TI champion and that s4 and Loda were part of that legendary 2013 squad that conquered the world.

Now that ppd has joined Alliance, we can expect to see the team get even better results. Peter’s knowledge of Alliance’s regional opponents is extensive and his input will definitely come in handy. It remains to be seen what the impact will be, but I do expect a lot of victories going forward.

Alliance is perfectly positioned to win the tournament and qualify for the Playoffs of the second Major of the season. This would be great revenge for what happened at the first Major.


Photo credit: Valve