What to expect in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs?

EA SPORTS has recently released the trailer for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, including the first images and information about... Fragster | 11. August 2022

EA SPORTS has recently released the trailer for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, including the first images and information about the new game mode. While no breakthrough changes will be made, let’s take a look at what FIFA fans can expect. 

EA continues to provide more information about what’s new in FIFA 23, with the latest trailer focusing on Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL. The new game mode offers a number of new features, including new perks, skill games, and a shared seasonal progression system designed to keep the game interesting.

Earlier it became clear that the new FIFA 23 Cross-Play feature will not be available for Pro Clubs mode, which has led to great disappointment in the community.

What’s new in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs gets more levels, with EA making the gaps between levels smaller. In addition, the game mode will be expanded with four new perks. Namely, defensive perks Chase Down and Interceptor, as well as a new Chance Creation Perk and a Poacher Perk.

FIFA 23 also features new skill games in Pro Clubs. Players can play these mini-games against their teammates and earn a spot on their club’s leaderboard.

Players now also have the option of bridging the waiting time with a total of 66 different skill games. In addition, players will be ranked with the other Pro Clubs players in these minigames, as in many other games. The popular customization of Pros is also introduced for Pro Clubs so players can finally dress their characters in wild outfits.

Pro clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL

Finally, Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL will share a seasonal progression system this year. Both these FIFA 23 modes are designed to play with friends, share experiences, and compete against each other, so it only makes sense that playing one or both game modes will earn players Season Points. Arcade mode is also affected by this.

That said, both modes differ in their set focus. VOLTA FOOTBALL’s style appears to be a bit more wild, while Pro Clubs’ style is more realistic. With the Season Points, players can buy cosmetic in-game items like t-shirts and jackets. To make it all work smoothly, EA SPORTS places both social game modes in the same place in the menu. From there, players can, for example, use VOLTA points to buy items for Pro Clubs.

Luckily the wait is almost over as FIFA 23 will be released worldwide on September 30th.

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