What is the Best Meta for TFT 14.7 patch

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler method of League of Legends where you construct a champion team to... Stalingrad | 9. April 2024

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler method of League of Legends where you construct a champion team to battle other players. It’s now in its eleventh set with Patch 14.7 the meta has changed substantially.

State of the Metagame


The first patch of TFT Set 11 has brought about some notable changes to the overall meta. While there aren’t many brand-new compositions, there has been some shuffling in the tier list. Certain traits, such as Inkshadow and Heavenly, are looking stronger in this patch, and players will want to keep an eye on these as potential options.

To get a quick overview of the current meta, here’s a breakdown of the S-tier and A-tier compositions:

S-tier Comps


  • Heavenly Reaper: This comp revolves around the powerful Yone carry, supported by the Heavenly trait buffs.
  • Mythic Rolls: A reroll composition centered around 1-cost units like Caitlyn and Kog’Maw.
  • Ghostbusters: A Senna and Shen reroll comp that utilizes the Ghostly trait.
  • Beefy Ricochets: A Trickshot-focused composition with Kai’Sa as the main carry.
  • Twin Terrors: An Amumu, Illaoi, and Lux reroll comp that capitalizes on the Twin Terrors trait.
  • True Inkborns: A vertical Inkshadow team with Kai’Sa as the primary carry.
  • Fast 9 FLEX: A late-game flex composition that aims to hit a powerful level 9 board.
  • ATKspeed Addicts: A vertical Duelist comp featuring Tristana and Volibear as reroll carries.
  • Dusk-Fates: An Aphelios reroll composition that utilizes the Fated trait.
  • Fated Wizards: A Syndra-focused vertical Fated comp.

A-tier Comps


  • Tale of Kayle: A Storyweaver vertical composition with Irelia as the late-game carry.
  • Powerpuff Girls: A Zoe-centric Sage reroll comp.
  • To the Moon: An Umbral vertical comp with Yone and Alune as the main carries.
  • Ghostly Duo: A flex composition that utilizes Kayn and Morgana as carries.
  • Ultimate Flex: Another Kayn and Morgana-based comp that can also flex Sylas.
  • Dryhard: A Gnar and Kindred reroll comp focused on the Dryad trait.
  • Warden Wall: A Gnar and Senna reroll composition with a Warden frontline.
  • Arcane Power: An 8 Arcanist vertical comp with Syndra or Lux as the carry.
  • Monk & Monkey: A Heavenly composition that isn’t a reroll comp.
  • Mythic Meeps: A Bard and Tahm Kench Mythic reroll comp.

Detailed Breakdown of Top Comps

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Heavenly Reaper

The Heavenly Reaper composition is on the rise this patch, primarily due to the strength of Yone as a carry. The Heavenly trait buff applies to your entire team, allowing you to turn Yone into a hyper-carry. Kayn and Wukong can also serve as strong secondary carries, but Yone is undoubtedly the star of the show. 

Mythic Rolls

Mythic Rolls is a reroll composition that centers around four different 1-cost units: Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, Cho’Gath, and Malphite. These units synergize well together, making them an effective and straightforward core to reroll for early in the game. 

Ghost Busters

Another reroll composition, Ghost Busters, focuses on Senna and Shen as the primary carries. The Ghostly 6 trait provides a significant damage boost to the entire team, and with the right items, Senna and Shen can serve as potent carries.