What is Kinetic Ore in Fortnite? Location and how to use it

Each new chapter in Fortnite comes loaded with new features, from weapons, cosmetics, vehicles, and more. This time we... Maria | 15. January 2023

Each new chapter in Fortnite comes loaded with new features, from weapons, cosmetics, vehicles, and more. This time we have Kinetic Ore, an element with which players can interact, complete missions, and use it as a weapon.

Here we will explain Kinetic Ore, its location on the map, and how you can travel with it.

What is Kinetic Ore in Fortnite?

Kinetic Ore is an entirely new item that has arrived in the world of Fortnite; they are purple and glowing blocks you will find on the map. While it doesn’t have many uses, it is classified as a quick method of travel for players.

It can likewise be used to complete missions and level up, upgrade your battle pass, and unlock new cosmetics. Remember that the quests are weekly and temporary; you should keep an eye out for updates.

Kinetic Ore is versatile; it can move quickly and even throw at enemies.

The way to use the new one is to hit it with your beak, which will make you fly in the direction you are facing. When you travel, you can break constructions or cause damage to any player you hit on the way.

To try to kill an enemy with the rock, you must hit it several times in his direction and let gravity do its job.

Location of Fortnite’s Kinetic Ore

Fortnite’s Kinetic Ore can be found all over the Shattered Slabs POI in the southwest corner of the map. Just head to the quarry area and look for the purple glowing rocks.

Various minerals are scattered around Rocky Rock, so starting quests won’t be challenging. However, be very careful of other players in the area.

How to travel distance with Kinetic Ore in Fortnite

The most consistent way to traverse space with Kinetic Ore in Fortnite is to aim for the sky by hitting the rock with the pickaxe and then climbing to the top before it rises.

Every week, new Fortnite missions arrive, and one asks players to travel a certain distance. In theory, it is simple to perform; however, in practice, some had trouble completing the mission. So they decided to ignore it and complete other more practical assignments, such as running certain distances.

However, players always have devised different methods to achieve specific objectives in the game, making our life easier. This new chapter is no different.

you can easily complete the travel in kinetic ore quest by using shockwave hammer from FortNiteBR

Reddit user explains that you should not use the regular pickaxe to hit it, but the shockwave hammer. Utilizing this recommendation, you only need to give one blow with the hammer to make the object fly. However, be careful with the angle of attack, or it will fall from above the ore.

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