What Are The Best Valorant Agents To Pick On Bind? [All Roles]

Unsure which Valorant Agents to select when you queue into a game of Bind? Here are two of the... Owen | 11. February 2024

Unsure which Valorant Agents to select when you queue into a game of Bind? Here are two of the best Agents to pick for every role!

Bind is one of Valoran’t most interesting maps, mainly due to the availability of two teleporters to make rotations interesting. The map features numerous tight corridors and critical choke points that several Valorant Agents can abuse. 

Best Duelists On Bind

Let’s talk about Duelists. On the map Bind, Raze is easily the most prominent Agent for her role, while Jett comes in second. 


It would be a crime not to pick Raze on Bind. Generally, bomb sites are pretty tricky to enter, as you’ll have to go through tight choke points like A Main, Showers, or Hookah. Enemy defenders can easily dump utility on these points of contention, making it incredibly difficult for incoming Attackers to enter the site. 

Raze’s mobility with her Satchels can help her act as the entry fragger, buying time and creating space for the rest of her team to enter the bomb site. Agents like Reyna and Phoenix don’t have that kind of mobility, allowing Raze to stand out.

On Defense, Raze is just as good. Most players tend to play Raze on the A Site as her abilities can take advantage of the teleporter toward Hookah. She can send her Boom Bot into the teleporter and see if it triggers. If the Boom Bot triggers, she can follow up by throwing her Paint Shells through the portal, dealing damage to enemy players stuck inside.

Additionally, Raze’s Paint Shells work incredibly well on areas such as A Main and Hookah, making it devastating for Attackers to walk into the bomb sites.


As covered earlier, mobility is a vital characteristic for a Duelist Agent. With Jett possessing mobility and being arguably the best Agent in the entire Valorant Agent pool, it’s a no-brainer that Jett is one of the best duelists on Bind. 

Like Raze, Jett is essential to act as an entry on the Attacking side of Bind. Her Updraft and Dash can help her go through potential tripwires and tight corridors, which allows her to make space for her team. Additionally, she can throw Cloudbursts at close angles to buy her team even more time.

On the Defensive side, Jett can utilize her Updraft to get on top of certain positions to give her the surprise factor against incoming enemies. After getting a kill on an unsuspecting Attacker, she can Dash away untraded.

Smart Jett players can also use her ability kit to isolate multiple 1v1 duels in narrow hallways, such as U Haul, Showers on the A Site, and Elbow on the B Site. Again, she can use Cloudbursts to give her an advantage in these kinds of duels.

Best Initiators On Bind

Defenders have a lot of angles to work with when holding bomb sites on Bind, so using flashes and gathering information is essential for a successful Attacking side, which is why Skye and Gekko are our choices.


First of all, Skye’s Trailblazer is a fantastic ability for both Bind’s Attacking and Defending sides. There are numerous narrow angles, such as U Haul, Shower, and Hookah. Sending her dog followed by a Duelist can help take map control by infiltrating such positions. 

Her Guiding Light is even more helpful as an information-gathering ability. She can send her bird through tight spots on both sides and identify whether an enemy player is there. This information allows her or her teammates to isolate enemy players and take favorable duels. 

Additionally, Skye’s Regrowth healing is always nice on any map, especially Bind, where you might walk into lots of utility damage, such as Raze Paint Shells. 

Skye’s Ultimate ability is better on Bind than on most other maps. Many closed and tight angles make the Seekers’ pathings concealed and harder for enemy players to destroy. It is also another way to get information on where enemy players are positioned on site.


Gekko, one of the more recent additions to the Agent lineup, is welcomed on a map like Bind. Nobody likes planting the Spike on the Attacking side of Bind since enemy players can easily dump utility on default plant positions. Fortunately, Gekko’s Wingman can do the job for the team.

Additionally, hitting bomb sites with a Gekko in the team can really make the process easier. Bind’s bomb site has open ceilings, meaning his Dizzy can be very effective for revealing enemy players potentially hiding around the site, blinding them and making it easy for your team to get rid of them. 

Gekko’s Mosh Pit and Thrash are quite handy, too. His Mosh Pit can clear cheeky angles like U Haul and Tube, while his Ultimate can help the team go through tight corridors like U Haul, Hookah, or Elbow.

Best Controllers On Bind

When it comes to the Controller role, two choices become very obvious. Brimstone and Viper are the best controllers for the job because two smokes from Omen are simply not enough.


Brimstone’s kit gives him a total of three smokes, which is the optimal amount for A and B site executes. For an A site execution, Brimstones need to spend two smokes on the site itself, and the third smoke is optional for Heaven or U Haul, depending on where the Spike is planted.

We’ve talked about tight choke points throughout the article, and Brimstone helps get through them with his Stim Beacon. The additional movement speed can help his teammates advance into the bomb site without getting choked with potential slows and utility. 

Brimstone’s Incendiary is also excellent for post-plant situations, especially if you’re a Lineup Larry who can throw a Molotov late in the retake situation. You can also use his Incendiary to clear cheeky angles like U Haul and the many corners in the B site.

Lastly, Brimstone’s ultimate is incredibly helpful in positions such as B Back Site and U Haul. If it is confirmed a player is playing there, an ult from Brimstone is usually a guaranteed kill. Otherwise, Brim players can always save their ults for post-plants. 


Viper isn’t too commonly seen in typical ranked matches but is a trendy pick in the professional scene, and we all know they know better than we do. The thing about Viper is you ideally want to pair her with Brimstone for a more solid lineup.

Bind’s bomb sites are huge, and there are a lot of parts that need to be covered with smokes or walls. However, most Agents cannot provide the coverage for all these positions. Viper’s Wall can close off a massive portion of the A or B site, making it much easier to get the bomb down when Attacking.

Like Brimstone, Viper is incredible in post-plant situations, as you have not only Snakebites but also two of them. Her Poison Cloud can also be placed atop the bomb for the decay.

On Defense, Viper isn’t bad at all. When she has her ultimate ready, she can pop it on either bomb site and have her teammates stack the other site.

Best Sentinels On Bind

In the Sentinel role, Cypher is the easiest choice for Bind. Meanwhile, some could argue that Killjoy or Chamber would be good on the map, but we’ve chosen to include Sage. 


Cypher already is one of the most annoying Agents to play against, and his kit fits well into the map design of Bind. 

The Sentinel’s Cage is wide enough to cover the width of almost all entry points for incoming Attackers, be it A Short, Showers, Hookah, or B Long. With bomb sites without ceilings, Cypher players have so many positions to place a good Camera.

Let’s not get started about his Tripwires. As we know, Bind is a map with many tight pathways, making his Trips much more devastating for Attackers. Not only do Attackers have to jump out of Hookah, but they’ll be greeted with pesky Trips to reveal their locations.

However, Cypher players must know numerous setups since a Skye Trailblazer or Fade Prowler can reveal trips if reused. 

On the Attacking side, Cypher still has his uses. He can place Trips to watch flanks and set up a good Camera for post-plant situations.


Last but not least, we’ve decided to include Sage as she is the perfect Agent for a regular ranked match.

Sage’s Slow Orbs on Defense is one of the main reasons Sage is practical on Bind. She can slow incoming rushes by throwing her Orb in choke points like Hookah or A Main. The radius of her ability covers these entire map sections if placed correctly. 

She can also place her Wall on multiple locations on the Defensive side, most notably blocking off Showers. Tryhard players also utilize “Grim Walls”, which are cheeky Walls to give you creative advantages. Alternatively, placing her Wall on A Site can be helpful for post-plant situations on the Attacking side.

Her Heal and Resurrection are always nice to have, but having a Sage and a Skye on the same team could be slightly overkill.