VCT Americas League: LOUD defeats Sentinels, Leviathan crushes MIBR

The first day of week 4 in VCT Americas comes to end with two results of a completely different... Jason | 22. April 2023

The first day of week 4 in VCT Americas comes to end with two results of a completely different nature. The first match of the day saw a close contest between LOUD and Sentinels. Overall, it was a well-played match by Sentinels, especially compared to their previous matchups. On the contrary, the second match was completely one-sided in favor of the Argentinian side.

Let’s see what happened on the first day of week 4 in VCT Americas:

LOUD adds yet another win in week 4

The first match of the day featured a clash between Sentinels and LOUD. Despite Sentinels being up against VCT LOCK//In finalists and facing internal chaos due to the last-minute addition of a new member and coach, they managed to perform admirably. Many had low expectations for Sentinels, but they surprised everyone with their performance, securing one map against the reigning VCT Champions of 2022.


LOUD started on their own map pick as a defender. They started very well with a pistol and follow-up rounds but Sentinels counterattacked with 3 rounds. Interestingly we witnessed this pattern one more time where LOUD secure 2 rounds consecutively and conceded 3 rounds. Finally, the first half ended with a 7-5 score in favor of Sentinels.

In the second half, Sentinels carried forward their momentum by winning the pistol round. Sentinels on the defender side were looking much more precise and on point. There were many instances when LOUD mostly failed to maintain site control despite site acquisition. Ultimately, Sentinels finished the map with a 13-6 score. Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi for Sentinels emerged as MVP with 20 frags and 283 ACS.


After convincingly winning in map 1, Fans were expecting the same from Sentinels in the second map as well. However, LOUD had a different plan in their mind. Starting as an attacker side on Haven, LOUD were able to secure 7 rounds in the first half despite they were subject to some technical issue as well.

In the latter half, the heat was more as both teams were denying to admit the defeat. After exchanging a few rounds back and forth, It was LOUD who managed to secure the map of Haven and tied the overall score to 1-1. Erick “aspas” Santos on Jett dropped 28 kills and had an ACS of 301.


As the decider, we moved to Ascent. LOUD were relatively heavier side on this map compared to Sentinels. Starting as defenders on defenders’ favored map, LOUD completely capitalizes on this opportunity. They were able to score 9-3 in their favor.

Sentinels put on a good show in the second half. However, LOUD manages to reach the thirteen rounds first and secure this map as well as this match. With this win, LOUD concrete its topmost position in VCT Americas League. Not to mention, Erick “aspas” Santos shined once again on Jett with 25 kills.

Leviathan crushes MIBR

In the first match of the day, one Brazilian team impressed their fans, but unfortunately, the same could not be said for MIBR. Despite their impressive performance so far in the league, MIBR suffered a crushing defeat against Leviathan. The loss was a stark contrast to their previous matches and undoubtedly disappointing for both the team and their supporters.


Leviathan’s map pick saw them start as defenders, and MIBR struggled to penetrate their defense to enter the site, only managing to plant five times throughout the match. The first half was heavily one-sided in favor of Leviathan, ending with a score of 10-2.

The second half was uneventful, with MIBR only managing to win two more rounds. In the end, Leviathan emerged victorious with a comfortable score of 13-4. Lev’s Agustin “nzr” Ibarra had the most frags with a total of 17. Overall, it was a dominant performance by Leviathan, and MIBR will need to regroup before their next match.


Leviathan continued their redemption on the Icebox map, starting as defenders once again and dominating the first half with 10 rounds secured. Although MIBR were able to acquire the site and execute the plant, they struggled to hold after the post-plant phase.

In the second half, Leviathan launched a full-paced attack on the site, looking to finish the map quickly. They secured three more rounds, bringing the final score to a decisive 13-3 in favor of Leviathan. Once again, Lev Agustin “nzr” Ibarra stood out with an impressive performance. Overall, it was a dominant display by Leviathan on both maps, leaving MIBR with much to improve upon before their next match.

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