VALORANT: Mid Season Pacific Power Rankings

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 1 is half way done, and we’ve gotten a good grasp of... Owen | 22. April 2024

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 1 is half way done, and we’ve gotten a good grasp of the potential of each participating team. Here is how Fragster ranks the eleven teams at the event. 

#1 Paper Rex

Current Record: 2-1

Paper Rex has returned to its prime roster, as Jinggg has made a return to the professional Valorant scene. They have been the most successful team from the Pacific region, and the squad is not looking to change that. 

Under f0rsaken’s command, Paper Rex has already bested Gen.G, the team that had their number in the previous tournament. However, they slipped up and lost a 0-2 series to Team Secret.

Still, Paper Rex is a heavy favorite to win the entire event, as the entire roster has Tier 1 experience, and all members are fragging out. 

#2 DRX

Current Record: 5-0

DRX is the only team in the tournament to have a perfect record, currently sitting 4-0 after a huge victory against their Korean rivals, Gen.G. 

The South Korean organization used to form a pair with Paper Rex to qualify for international tournaments, but after roster fiascos, DRX has not been able to replicate their success. However, things are looking up, as it looks like they are back in form.

DRX has already gone through one of the toughest opponents in the league, and has already guaranteed a spot in the Playoffs. The biggest question is whether the team’s rookies will crack under pressure. 

#3 Gen.G Esports

Current Record: 3-2

Gen.G narrowly lost VCT Masters Madrid against the Sentinels, and came into the Stage 1 tournament as favorites. However, they are currently sitting with a 3-2 record. 

Though their win-loss ratio does not look pretty, these two scars were caused by the top two teams in the league, Paper Rex and DRX. Having already played the most challenging matches, Gen.G is expected to sweep their remaining matches and qualify for the Playoffs.

However, losing to both PRX and DRX is a bad sign, but they can always redeem themselves in the later stages of the tournament. 

#4 Team Secret

Current Record: 2-2

It’s safe to agree that the top three teams in the Pacific region are in a league of their own, so the Filipinos will have to settle for fourth place. 

Team Secret started their Stage 1 run with a narrow 1-2 loss against RRQ, but shook past it and focused on the next matches. They went through ZETA Division, despite in-game leader JessieVash posting 0 kills on the second map.

However, the most surprising result was a 2-0 victory against Paper Rex, the strongest team in the league. Jremy and invy carried the team to pull off this massive upset, but was it just a fluke?

#5 Talon Esports

Current Record: 3-1

The Talon Esports team did not pose too much of a threat coming into the VCT season, but the youngsters of the roster have proved everyone wrong. The team has begun meshing very well together, and a buildup of chemistry is certainly showing.

The 6-man roster defeated all their opponents except for Gen.G, which is still out of their league. They recently won a 2-0 match against T1 despite being the underdogs. 

JitBoyS is playing some impeccable Valorant, often being the highest-rated player in the team despite playing Controller agents. 

#6 Rex Regum Qeon

Current Record: 2-2

The RRQ roster is known to pack a punch, thanks to Lmemore and Jemkin providing some much-needed firepower. 

The Indonesian-based squad had a great start to the Split, defeating team Secret and BLEED. However, they have slowed down after consecutive losses to T1 and Global Esports, which are weaker teams on paper.

The biggest concern of RRQ’s current shape is fl1pzjder, who has been heavily underperforming despite not carrying the responsibilities of being the in-game leader. He dropped 0 kills in a game that the team won. 

#7 ZETA Division

Current Record: 2-2

To say the least, the ZETA Division team is just looking pretty average. They’re not doing too bad, but not too good either. 

The Japanese picked up two wins against Global Esports and BLEED, two of the most vulnerable teams in the league. However, these victories weren’t clean, both being 2-1s. 

Still, ZETA nearly beat Team Secret, and their other loss was handed by Gen.G, which is nothing to be ashamed of. The veteran of the team, Dep, must step up in ZETA’s remaining matches for a shot at the Playoffs. 

#8 T1

Current Record: 1-4

Of all the teams in the Pacific region, T1’s performance has to be the most disappointing. Unfortunately, the star-studded roster has failed to meet any sort of expectations, and currently sits on a horrendous 1-4 record.

T1 had a terrible start to the event, losing three matches in a row. In the middle of the tournament, the team decided to transfer the in-game leader responsibilities to xccurate, the most experienced player on the team. The change helped T1 net their first win of the event.

However, they dropped the ball against Talon Esports in their most recent match, and are now at the brink of elimination. 

#9 Global Esports

Current Record: 1-3

Despite importing players from other regions, the Indian-based organization is yet to find any success in its venture in Valorant. Global Esports had a terrible start to their Split 1 journey, losing their first three matches to go 0-3.

Fortunately, they could defeat RRQ in a clean 2-0 to salvage the situation. However, this victory required an overperformance from Polvi and blaZek1ng, who posted 1.43 and 1.37 ratings, respectively. 

Global Esports can celebrate their first victory, but will have to figure out how they can replicate the success they found against RRQ for their remaining matches. 

#10 DetonatioN FocusMe

Current Record: 1-2

Though fans knew the DFM roster could not stand up to the three Titans of the Pacific, they still had decent expectations for the roster. However, the Japanese squad has not displayed enough to meet those expectations.

The team shook the Pacific region after winning their opening match against T1, a much stronger opponent. This victory gave Japanese fans hopes, but none ensued. 

DFM took a 0-2 loss against Gen.G, which is expected, but lost to arguably the weakest team in the league, BLEED Esports 1-2. 

#11 BLEED Esports

Current Record: 1-3

Last but not least, all Pacific fans can agree that BLEED is currently the easiest team to beat in the region. Even though the organization “upgraded” their roster by bringing in former DRX veteran Zest, BLEED is yet to find any footing in the league.

Zest has been the team’s overperforming player, but the team is yet to provide him with any support. According to Deryeon, the team is having trouble meshing and is facing communication problems due to members having low fluency of the English language.

Despite being at the bottom of the board, BLEED still has a chance to qualify for the Playoffs if they perform in their coming matches, but it’s hard to believe they can fix so many issues in such a short time.

Header: Paper Rex