Undivided Heart Genshin Impact: Everything You Need To Know

Genshin Impact’s trading card game Genius Invokation has become an instant hit among gamers. Of all the cards out... Stalingrad | 3. April 2024

Genshin Impact’s trading card game Genius Invokation has become an instant hit among gamers. Of all the cards out there, one is a must for any Ganyu fan: the Undivided Heart card. This talent card not only gives Ganyu more strength but also provides a different gameplay experience than other cards.

Obtaining the Undivided Heart


To begin with, let’s review how to get the Undivided Heart card. You need to challenge Ganyu to a duel to get this card in your collection. This can be done through the invitation board at The Cat’s Tail Tavern. Once the challenge objectives in a Friendly Fracas match are met, the Undivided Heart card will be yours to wield.

Extending an Invitation


In case you are unfamiliar with the dueling pool, the game makes for a smooth introduction. You get a Match Invitation Letter, which can be earned by increasing your TCG level, completing quests, or purchasing from the Card Shop. With this letter in hand, you can extend an invitation to Ganyu and begin your journey towards acquiring the Undivided Heart card.

Undivided Heart’s Remarkable Skills


Now, let’s explore the card’s stunning skills and effects. As a 3-star rarity Talent Skill card, the Undivided Heart boasts a cost of 5 Cryo dice. Its combat action is truly remarkable: when your active character is Ganyu, this card equips itself, immediately followed by Ganyu using her Frostflake Arrow once.

Enhancing Frostflake Arrow


But that’s not all – the true power of the Undivided Heart lies in its ability to enhance Ganyu’s Frostflake Arrow. When Ganyu, with this card equipped, uses Frostflake Arrow, the skill now deals an additional 1 Cryo DMG if it has been used before during the match. Moreover, it also inflicts a staggering 3-piercing DMG to all opposing characters on standby, making it an incredibly potent offensive tool.

Synergy with Ganyu’s Deck


To truly capitalize on the Undivided Heart card’s potential, it’s essential to have Ganyu in your deck. This is a prerequisite for adding the card to your collection, ensuring a seamless synergy between character and talent.

Pros and Cons of Undivided Heart


As with any powerful card, the Undivided Heart has both pros and cons to consider. On the positive side, the additional piercing DMG from Ganyu’s Frostflake Arrow when used in succession is a game-changer. This effect pairs exceptionally well with the Superconduct reaction, further amplifying the damage output. Additionally, with the right strategy and dice management, Ganyu can potentially solo the opposing team, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

However, the card’s drawbacks should not be overlooked. The high cost of 5 Cryo dice for Frostflake Arrow can be challenging to manage, especially without guaranteed dice cards like Blizzard Strayer and Jade Chamber in play. Furthermore, the limited number of available dice (8 by default) can hinder the ability to utilize Frostflake Arrow in rapid succession, potentially limiting the card’s full potential.

Mastering the Undivided Heart


In Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation TCG, the Undivided Heart card is still a sought-after addition to any deck. Its special effects and pairing with Ganyu make it a must for anyone looking to dominate the dueling pool.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. To truly master the Undivided Heart card, players can aim to unlock its Dynamic Skin by raising Ganyu’s Character Card proficiency to level 10. This can be achieved by earning rewards from victorious matches, character invitations, and Co-Op invitations, further enhancing the card’s visual appeal and showcasing your dedication to the game.

Keeping Up with Updates


As the Genius Invokation TCG continues to evolve, players can look forward to exciting updates and adjustments to the Undivided Heart card. In version 3.7, a skill effect nerf was implemented, altering the card’s original effect of granting additional Cryo DMG when Frostflake Arrow was used in succession. While this change may impact certain strategies, it also opens up new possibilities for creative deck-building and gameplay approaches.

Embracing the Challenge


Finally, the depth and complexity of Genshin Impact’s Genius Invokation TCG is reflected in the Undivided Heart card. Its massive effects, playstyle choices, and potential for further customization make it a must-have for any Ganyu fan or player looking to up his dueling game. Take the test, learn the Undivided Heart, and experience a whole new world of strategic play in Genshin Impact’s ever-growing universe.