UK and Brazil to host international PUBG Mobile tournaments

Tencent unveiled the PUBG Mobile Esports 2024 roadmap, showcasing the new competitions, formats, and locations for its esteemed events,... Shubh | 9. December 2023

Tencent unveiled the PUBG Mobile Esports 2024 roadmap, showcasing the new competitions, formats, and locations for its esteemed events, including PMWI, PMGC, PMSL, and PMCO. 

On the first day of the ongoing PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023 (PMGC), Tencent’s senior director for PUBG Mobile global esports, James Yang, officially revealed the 2024 season’s blueprint. The best teams in the globe will go to the UK in 2024 to compete for the PMGC championship.

This announcement marks a significant moment in Western Europe’s esports history as it will be the first of its kind to be hosted in the United Kingdom. Southeast Asia, South Asia, MENA, the Americas, and Europe’s regional champions compete in the PMGC, the last event on the PUBG Mobile esports schedule.

A final tournament in the year-long PUBG Mobile esports calendar, the PMGC features regional champions from Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. The announcement also comes as a slight surprise as the West doesn’t have as much an audience as compared to Asian or Latin American regions.

The announcement is also somewhat unexpected because there isn’t as big of an audience in the West as there is in Asia or Latin America. With a whopping $3 million prize fund, this much-awaited championship—which will take place in December 2024—will attract players from all around the world. This year’s PUBG MOBILE World Champions will be determined at the upcoming weekend’s PMGC Grand Finals in Istanbul, Türkiye when the sixteen remaining teams will compete for the title.

PUBG Mobile 2024 roadmap:

In addition, Tencent has also introduced the PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO), a brand-new international tournament. Brazil is scheduled to host the first edition of this significant competition, which will be the first international competition held there. This competition, which is set for March and April of 2024, will feature a total prize pool of $500K.

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI), which is the third edition of the mid-season competition, is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, much like the first two seasons. The company has revealed that the event’s prize pool will remain the same as the $3 million season from 2022, but it will have a new and engaging structure.

Furthermore, four PMSLs will be held offline in the Americas, Central and South Asia, EMEA, and SEA areas in the upcoming year. The other leagues will only have two seasons, however, the SEA PMSL will have three.  In addition to these significant competitions, the publisher plans to host the Club Open (PMCO) along with other smaller competitions in 2024.

Header: Tencent