Dignitas announce new LCS roster

The movements continue in the different regions of League of Legends for the 2023 season. In this opportunity, the... Eduardo | 20. December 2022

The movements continue in the different regions of League of Legends for the 2023 season. In this opportunity, the North American organization Dignitas has officially announced its lineup for the next LCS season.

Dignitas is one of the ten franchise teams competing in the LCS; remember that League of Legends is one of the most popular esports in the world, and the NA region does not escape from it.

All-Stars lineup

With an entirely new lineup, Dignitas faces this 2023 season with expectations higher than ever. And no wonder!

By reading the name Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, we can expect the team to compete for everything. Jensen, the 27-year-old Danish veteran, is the only active player to have qualified for every Worlds Championship in every season he has played.

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Credits: LoL Esports Photos | Flickr

Jensen is joined by four other players who have had great careers in the North American region:

  • Lucas “Santorin” Larsen
  • Irfan “Armut” Tükek
  • Donggeun “IgNar” Lee
  • Trevor “Spawn” Kerr-Taylor

Every LCS fan knows Santorin’s ability to make a positive impact on every team he has played for. This player has been in the competitive scene since 2014 and has won the LCS five times.

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Credits: LoL Esports Photos | Flickr

Armut is one of the players with the most personality in the League of Legends scene, both off and on the screens.

IgNar, on the other hand, has had outstanding performances in the two Worlds Championships he has played, and, finally, Spawn is the only player who continues from the old team lineup.

Huge expectations for the LCS 2023

We do not doubt that the team is built with the mission to be at the top of the LCS in the North American region. Even though several of these players are veterans, they have the ability and skill to lead Dignitas, at the very least, to the 2023 World Championship.

James Baker, General Manager of Dignitas, stated that:

“We are thrilled to announce a roster that will contend for titles in 2023.”

“Alongside a roster that will excite LCS fans, we are thrilled to invest significantly in fan experiences and content initiatives that capture the passion of this world-class team.”

Excellent team play is expected

In addition to the seniority and experience, these excellent players can bring to the team, let’s remember that several of them have played together in the past.

Jensen and Santorin played on the dominant Team Liquid team that made it to the Worlds Championships in the 2021 season.

On the other hand, IgNar and Santorin were part of the FlyQuest lineup that finished in second place in both divisions of the 2020 LCS season.

About Dignitas

It is no secret that since the creation of Dignitas in 2003, they have established itself as one of the best esports organizations worldwide.

In their history, they have accumulated many major top-level trophies, and since 2016 the team was acquired by the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL team New Jersey Devils.

Currently, Dignitas only has teams in three esports, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Rocket League. It is hoped that this lineup will help the section to cash in and thus be able to join other video games again.

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