Team Spirit win PGL Arlington Major

The Grand Final of PGL Arlington Major was an excellent rematch of the TI11 Grand Final and the Riyadh... Radu M. | 14. August 2022

The Grand Final of PGL Arlington Major was an excellent rematch of the TI11 Grand Final and the Riyadh Masters 2022 Grand Final. Both PSG.LGD and Team Spirit played some of their best games of the tournament and the winner fully deserved the trophy.

Hopefully, IceFrog has watched the tournament and will offer us a big Dota 2 patch before The International 2022. Otherwise, PSG.LGD and Spirit are likely to meet again in the Grand Final of the last event of the season.

PGL Arlington Major Results

With some exceptions, PGL Arlington Major had the results that everyone expected. Some strong teams, such as Evil Geniuses and Royal Never Give Up, did worse than the statistics indicated. But everyone else was at the predicted level.

The list of results for the top eight teams is the following:

  • Team Spirit
  • LGD
  • Team Aster
  • OG
  • Beastcoast
  • Entity
  • Outsiders
  • BOOM Esports

The champions received $200,000 for their victory, but that’s almost nothing compared to what The International will offer.

Grand Final

The Grand Final of PGL Arlington Major was amazing. PSG.LGD started with a victory in game one, which took just 37 minutes to conclude. Their draft was totally unorthodox, with Viper, Pudge, and Puck. It looked as though the Chinese team would win the entire best-of-five with ease.

But then, Team Spirit hit back in game 2. This game lasted for 75 minutes and it was very challenging for both sides. Eventually, after everything was thrown into the battle and Spirit’s Ancient was fully exposed, the CIS team managed to win a couple of team fights and secured the much-needed victory.

Game three was a huge outdraft followed by numerous outplays. And Spirit won with Sven as their carry hero. The entire game took just 27 minutes, which by Dota 2 standards is considered a stomp. The only other team that managed to stomp PSG.LGD in a game at PGL Arlington Major were OG.

In game four, everyone expected PSG.LGD to make a comeback. For a while, that seemed to be the case and AME thrived on his Chaos Knight. But the moment Team Spirit bought their key items on Axe, Queen of Pain, and Bristleback, it became obvious that their draft was much better than the Chinese one.

The battle lasted for 44 minutes and was ended by the fact that Chaos Knight died with no buyback and had to be out of the game for two minutes. That window was all that Spirit needed to win the trophy.

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