Top 10 AWP plays in CS:GO

You either hate it or love it: the AWP in CS:GO. It’s one of the coolest weapons in the... Fragster | 7. May 2023

You either hate it or love it: the AWP in CS:GO. It’s one of the coolest weapons in the game, if you know how to use it! It definitely increases the risk, but if you play well, you’ll also be rewarded handsomely. It’s a weapon for brave players who have spent years honing and eventually perfecting their skills.

When a player lands a 4K with the AWP, it always looks especially nice! There may be a lot of good AWPers in the Counter-Strike scene, but only 10 plays made it into our list. Here are our top 10 best plays in CS:GO with the AWP!

10. KennyS

Definitely have to mention KennyS’ old-fashioned clutch against NiP here. Back then he was playing for Titan and had no Armor left in the decisive round. His opponents were on his heels and he was trying to shake them off. They probably had no idea how good he was with AWP and very few players were in the same league at the time. It was match point for his team, but Nip was right on their heels. Actually, there was little hope that they would win in overtime, but then NiP made the crucial mistake and backed KennyS into a corner. With ease he took out his four pursuers and decided the match for his team.

9. Dev1ce

Everyone knows that Dev1ce is pretty good with the AWP and he proved that to everyone once again with an Ace on Inferno against Vitality at ESL One Cologne. He’s won a lot of titles and shown many times how well he can play, but that moment is simply one of the best AWP plays. He had such an incredible run in that match, even though it was pretty risky what he was doing. After all, he also had three teammates on his side who can shoot as well. But then they couldn’t react that fast and Dev1ce had already grabbed the ace before his mates could even pull the trigger.

8. falleN

With his wicked clutch against FaZe, falleN earned himself a name as Godfather. He’s one of the best Brazilian players, having won two majors as an IGL and still playing top-notch after all these years. At IEM Sydney 2017, SK Gaming was quite strong and had an edge, but FaZe was just about to make a comeback. In a 2v4 situation, it looked good for FaZe, who then planned the Bomb and just had to defend. But falleN didn’t want to make it that easy for his opponents and unpacked a beautiful play on the AWP. With his precise shots he took out the diffuser in the scope and then took care of the rest of the team, even NiKo couldn’t do much against that. SK with falleNsHilfe continued his dominance on the next map and won the tournament.


7. S1mple

If we are talking about AWP legends, the GOAT of CS:GO, S1mple, should not be missing. He’s known for his inventive plays, but he’s also got it mechanically and showed how dangerous he can be with that weapon with that wicked 4K against Team Liquid at IEM Katowice. Even though there were four of them, his opponents must have briefly forgotten who they were dealing with on that play and simply disrespected him. They thought they were ready for him, but he once again lived up to his name and caught two of his opponents in scope, even took out the third in no-scope, and then the last hit was almost too easy.

6. Nitr0

Of course we haven’t forgotten Nitr0 with his insane performance at IEM Cologne 2019 against NaVi. He is definitely one of the greatest IGLs in North American CS:GO scene and led Team Liquid in his glory days. He’s actually known as a Rifler, but who said he couldn’t play AWP? There are really only a few players who can surpass S1mple with the AWP, but Nitr0 not only did that, but also led his team to Win in the finals at the Intel Grand Slam. In 2020, he retired from competitive CSGO and tried his luck in VALORANT. But then he came back to the scene when he was signed by 100Thieves and found his way back to Team Liquid a year later.

5. ChrisJ

You might not have the next AWPer on your radar, but with his famous Ace on Mirage, ChrisJ also earned a spot on our list. At ESL One New York 2018, he challenged his Team Liquid counterparts with his mates from Mousesports and even brought about the match point at the Grand Finals! To be exact, he didn’t even need his teammates, as he managed to dance out and snipe all the opponents in front of him completely on his own.

4. CadiaN

You’ve probably wondered if we forgot about the play with CadiaN’s AWP in – of course not! He won ESL Pro League Season 13 with his absolutely sick clutch, and his play has become as iconic a play as Olofboost. You know the scene where he started the revenge move for his team. He takes out the first opponent with the Knife and barely gets away with 2 HP, then he takes out two nearby opponents who don’t stand a chance against him. Then, when there’s only one left, he plays the round slowly and carefully, giving his last opponent a headshot. This was one of the most incredible moments with the AWP in Counter-Strike history.

3. woxic

Another AWP play that earned a place in the CS:GO history books comes from woxic! With his heroic Ace against Evil Geniuses, he left everyone watching speechless. He’s known to be a quiet player, but in this ESL Pro League Season 10 match, he went all out. These scenes make you wonder what his team is doing while woxic is taking care of the entire opposing team. Of course, there was a bit of luck involved and he also took a very painful shot himself. But that didn’t stop him from eliminating the last opponent himself after jumping off the balcony. Haters would probably say he was cheating.

2. Guardian

With his insane clutch, Guardian definitely made it to our list too! At IEM Katowice 2018, he put on a wicked performance against Fnatic when he was the last survivor from his team and all of his opponents were still alive. That quickly changed, however, when Guardian simply decided to make one of the gnarliest plays of his career. On Overpass, he took advantage of the channel and with the help of a flashbang, took out Fnatic’s lurking players one by one. With a lot of patience, he then got the fifth one as well when he went to defuse the bomb.


1. Nifty

The best AWP play in CS:GO history goes to Nifty, who really earned this title with his infamous Fifty Bomb. He is definitely one of the strongest AWPers in the world and has proven many times how whacky his Aim is. At IEM Sydney 2018, his performance was simply out of another world. He just made 50 kills in that match against Mousesports, which is already a bit of a disrespect. The plays he unpacked back then are in a different league. With the home court advantage, he fought for the Renegades and managed to keep his team on the map. He was so good with the gun, you’d almost think the AWP was just an extended arm for Nifty.