The secret game Riot Games could be working on

The Riot Games “S” meme is now history; it has ceased to exist. Although until a few years ago,... Maria | 25. February 2023

The Riot Games “S” meme is now history; it has ceased to exist. Although until a few years ago, there was only League of Legends, several games are now available, such as VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra. However, they have no intention of stopping there. Their long-term goal is to release more video games with varied themes, such as fighting or long-awaited MMORPG.

However, Riot Games seems to be working on an unexpected game. It would be a video game with aspects of an Action-RPG, a competitive shooter, and an MMOFPS. According to some users, rumors suggest that it could be a video game to directly challenge Bungie’s Destiny 2 and the upcoming release of Lightfall.

Riot Games may be developing an utterly secret game

According to Twitter user PlayerIGN, who has posted this theory about a new game from Riot Games. He does so based on the company’s job listing requirements.

This next Riot project may be a video game set in the VALORANT universe that is similar to Destiny 2 in terms of aesthetics, according to PlayerIGN. This could help clarify some of the questions raised regarding the backstory of the developer’s first-person shooter and the introduction of new agents and maps.

Combination of shooter, MOBA, and action RPG elements

It is speculated that shooter, MOBA, and action RPG elements will create a completely new, unique, and innovative experience. This is an exciting prospect for all fans of the Riot Games family.

VALORANT and League of Legends Developers

The developers behind the hit shooter VALORANT and the global phenomenon League of Legends recently announced a new project. While the project’s title has not yet been confirmed, it is believed to be a hybrid title.

According to Riot Games’ official website requirements, a Game Designer III position is advertising, including character development and metasystem issues.

However, we have to wait for more information about this topic. Riot Games will still have to clarify everything they have in mind with this project, although it could be something unique that would compete with Destiny 2. At the end of the day, no major video game can stand up to Bungie’s title on equal footing.

For now, this is simply an announcement that Riot Games is looking for new developers with all these requirements. Now we have to wait for the developer to make a statement. Riot fans hope that the rumors are accurate and that they offer some image of the title.

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