The MongolZ and Lynn Vision Qualify For Copenhagen Over Grayhound

The Asian RMR for the PGL Copenhagen Major has just ended, with only two teams booking tickets to Denmark.... Owen | 28. February 2024

The Asian RMR for the PGL Copenhagen Major has just ended, with only two teams booking tickets to Denmark. Grayhound, one of the top competitors in the region, had their spot stolen by Chinese team Lynn Vision. 

The Best Asian Team – The MongolZ

The Mongolian squad has once again proven that they are the best Asia has to offer. Led by in-game leader bLitz, The MongolZ plowed their way through the double elimination bracket.

They defeated Myth Avenue Gaming with a quick 13-4. Their Semi Final opponent was Grayhound, who is the second-highest-rated team in the RMR. After another 13-4 victory against the Australian squad, The MongolZ had already solidified themselves as the top team in the RMR.

The last hurdle for the Mongolians was Lynn Vision, a Chinese competitor. The Best of 3 qualification match was not close at all, as The MongolZ could win both maps swiftly, 13-8 and 13-3. Leading by example, 22-year-old bLitz finished the series with a 35-15 KD to post a 1.54 rating in the team’s final match at the Asian RMR.

This victory meant the team had qualified for their fourth Major in a row – PGL Antwerp 2022, IEM Rio 2023, BLAST.tv Paris 2023, and now, PGL Copenhagen 2024. Though the roster played under a different name, IHC Esports, the core roster remained constant for their first three Majors. 

The significant change The MongolZ made before their run for Denmark was welcoming two young prodigies, mzinho and Senzu, 16 and 17 years of age. The team’s junior, mzinho, has become the second-youngest player to qualify for a Counter-Strike Major. 

Lynn Vision Edge Out Grayhound To Steal Final Spot

After the loss to The MongolZ in the Semi Final, the Aussies had to battle their way back through the Lower Bracket, eliminating JiJieHao and ATOX on the way to the Consolidation Final to face Lynn Vision, who had just been demolished by the first-place finishers.

The Grayhound boys were the clear favorites coming into this matchup, especially with in-game leader dexter joining the team after his stint in Europe with MOUZ and Fnatic. These blokes have made it to the Majors, so LAN experience was not an issue. 

Grayhound could expectedly convert their map pick of Vertigo with a 13-6 scoreline, and fans worldwide thought the series was already done. Lynn Vision seemed utterly helpless. However, the Chinese squad could trade wins after taking Anubis, their map choice, 13-7.

The series was brought to a decisive third map with Nuke serving as the battleground. For some reason, Grayhound completely lost their footing and did not perform in the slightest. They were blown out 13-2 on Nuke, resulting in Lynn Vision’s qualification for Copenhagen. 

During the team’s celebration, it’s easy to tell that this victory meant the world for the hardworking Lynn Vision squad. However, Grayhound should have never lost this series; heck, even made it close. 

Low Performing PCs At The RMR?

Grayhound’s dexter received massive backlash after whiffing a full magazine of his MAC-10 in the deciding map against Lynn Vision.

Though there is no hard evidence, the captain Tweeted that his computer provided by tournament organizer Perfect World was running Counter-Strike in only 150 frames per second. He also mentioned the tables in the venue were uneven. 

However, Techno from The MongolZ revealed in an interview with HLTV that there were no problems with Perfect World PCs, mentioning the PCs have “very good” performance. 

All the controversy aside, The MongolZ and Lynn Vision will become the two Asian representatives at the Copenhagen Major, and will have their team and personal stickers published in Counter-Strike. 

Header: The MongolZ Twitter