The harsh consequences of the BGMI ban

Battleground Mobile India has been a mega-hit in Indian esports. But then it was banned by the Indian government... Fragster | 15. May 2023

Battleground Mobile India has been a mega-hit in Indian esports. But then it was banned by the Indian government and the world fell apart. Despite this, many players had hoped that the ban would be reversed or relaxed, and KRAFTON has pledged to do everything in its power to bring it back.

It has now been almost ten months since the game was banned and there is no sign of a return. Some people from the BGMI scene have commented on the difficult situation and the consequences of the ban.

Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the manager of S8UL Esports, has voiced his concerns if BGMI doesn’t return, stating during a stream, “I’ve gotten to a point where I just want confirmation that the game is coming back or not.” This seems to be the case for a lot of people, as some players are still in a waiting situation.

Sid comments on BGMI drama

Sid was also asked during the live stream about the potential impact on the Indian gaming industry if BGMI is not re-launched. He then expressed concern. “Unless BGMI is released in India, I believe it will be a scary time for the esports community for the next 5 years,” he said.

Many players are unsure whether to switch to another game. Besides the fact that players naturally don’t want to lose their fanbases, other titles simply aren’t as popular as BGMI. Players want to call it quits or move on, but no news from KRAFTON until now.

In an effort to survive in this uncertain environment, many prominent organizations have shifted their focus to other titles such as Pokemon Unite and New State India. However, these titles do not yet have the same level of commitment as BGMI, which has been a key factor in keeping these organizations afloat during these turbulent times. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 reached a peak viewership of 460,034, while VALORANT, for example, only managed a tenth of that.

Sid expressed that many players are hoping for the return of BGMI. If there was at least one definitive cancellation, then at least people would be able to look at other options.

No salaries for the teams

Also, BGMI streamer Hrishav “Hrishav” Kumar recently pointed out the major issues in the BGMI esports community, saying on YouTube that most tier-1 teams are not getting paid fpr participating in the ongoing Pro Scrims. Besides the lack of sponsor support, the ban is damaging organizations as well as players.

Hrishav said:

“80% of the players don’t get paid. Even if some of the teams are playing well, esports organizations that aren’t also involved in content creation aren’t going to sponsor the teams.”

Players regret the grind

Streamer Scout shed light on another side of the ban. He shared his thoughts on the current standstill and how it’s affecting the pros during a YouTube live stream. He explained that many pro players regret the last few years of their lives because they worked so hard at something that now doesn’t exist anymore.

Scout lamented this situation:

“I have spoken to many Tier 1 players, most of whom have expressed regret for their current situation in-game and with their families. As if they wasted those 3 years of their lives.”

He also stated that the main reason for this is the uncertainty and the lack of any commitments from the publishers. 

“We have no problem with what is happening to us. But what about those who have been toiling day and night thinking about how to advance their careers when the game comes back. What will happen to them then?”

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