Team Vitality to play with Daglas next week of Summer Split

The LEC summer season is in full swing, and teams are preparing to play the last week of the... Eduardo | 30. June 2023

The LEC summer season is in full swing, and teams are preparing to play the last week of the regular season to get their ticket to the Group Stage. However, some teams with a great season are playing at a disappointing level, such as Team Vitality.

After being one of the favorites to lift the trophy in the Winter and Spring Split, Team Vitality’s performance has dropped so much that they are currently at the bottom of the standings with a disappointing 1-5 record. As a result, the team is considering changing its lineup to try to pull off a miracle and qualify for the Group Stage.

Team Vitality would play Daglas in the last week of the regular season

After two extremely disappointing weeks at the LEC Summer Split 2023, Team Vitality is reportedly considering playing Kacper “Daglas” Dagiel this weekend. This report is published by LEC Wooloo and Eros, two reliable esports journalists in this kind of news. In addition, this move would send Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo to the team’s bench.

The 17-year-old jungler would permanently occupy a spot in Vitality’s starting lineup at the tournaments he participates in. As a result, there is still no decision regarding which player will take his place in the Academy team.

Daglas would be making his LEC debut this weekend, having never played at the highest competitive level in the EMEA region. However, he has more than a year active in the ERL, so he has game hours to help him in this new adventure. Moreover, looking at Team Vitality’s disappointing results in this Summer Split, it is completely understandable that the team wants to do a 180° turnaround.

Disappointing Split for Team Vitality

Team Vitality is last in the LEC Summer Split with a 1-5 record. However, the team can still qualify for the next Group Stage, but they will have to win all three of their remaining games this weekend and, in addition, wait for some results from other teams.

On the other hand, there is the fact that Vitality will face KOI, Team BDS, and Excel Esports. The first two teams, KOI and Team BDS, are also playing a disappointing Summer Split, so Vitality may come with some confidence to face these matches.

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