CS:GO – MIBR, Dignitas & MAD Lions at Malta Vibes Week 9

The finalists of the 8th week of Malta Vibes have been crowned yesterday. Without much delay, we jump right... Fabio | 25. August 2020

The finalists of the 8th week of Malta Vibes have been crowned yesterday. Without much delay, we jump right into the 9th week of CS:GO action. MIBR, Dignitas, and MAD Lions are some of the teams taking part and fighting for the $40.000 prize pool. Once again, we will broadcast this week’s matches in German.

In four GSL groups, 8 participants will book their tickets to the playoffs. In the Group Stage, the teams can still get away with making a few mistakes, but starting with the Quarter Finals, they will have no second chances.

Group A

In the first group, MAD Lions will to go up against Apeks, Illuminar and GamerLegion. This will surely not be an easy task for the Danes, who have recently been underperforming after a roster change. At the moment, they are struggling to compete at ESL One Cologne. Obviously, they won’t have such a hard time at Malta Vibes, but they should still not underestimate their opponents here. In the 8th week, Apeks were able to reach the Semi Finals and Illuminar are working with a top player, Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski.


In Group B, Oskar “oskarish” Stenborowski and his AGO boys are the top favorites. Their pathway to the playoffs is blocked by AGF, Winstrike and FATE. However, these teams arguably have neither the teamwork nor the individual players to really contend with AGO. We will likely see them advance to the playoffs in record speed.


Right now, MIBR are in absolute tatters. The team is in its arguably worst state of all time. Their games against G2 and FaZe at ESL One Cologne uncovered severe deficits in both individual performance and teamplay. So it might be a good idea for the Brazilians to get back into the groove in a smaller tournament, still they shouldn’t have an easy time fighting for playoffs. HellRaisers, Gambit Youngsters and forZe are much more well-tuned right now and have been performing better overall. These teams are by no means weak, just because they don’t play in the top league. Especially with regards to their current form, MIBR should be cautious in their games.


Dignitas have been struggling recently as well. The online season seems to have done them no favors. The last time we say the team, they dropped out of the Group Stage of Malta Vibes Week 7. Perhaps this is the reason why the organization wants to tackle this tournament again. With Team Spirit, c0ntact, and AVEZ, they are met with comparatively weaker teams. Still, the same holds true as for MAD Lions and MIBR – these young and small teams are hungry for victories and bringing down established teams makes for great publicity. Every roster in Group D will try to take down Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and his team.

The fight for playoffs will begin today, starting with Group A. At 15:00 CEST, MAD Lions will clash with GamerLegion. We will broadcast this match and the following ones over on twitch.tv/fragster_de and twitch.tv/fragster_de_cs. Tune in to watch the top teams trying to set themselves on top of the young guns!