Team Heretics announce new VALORANT lineup

Movements and news continue in the VALORANT competitive scene, and, this time, we go to the EMEA region, where... Eduardo | 11. October 2023

Movements and news continue in the VALORANT competitive scene, and, this time, we go to the EMEA region, where Team Heretics announced its lineup for the VCT 2024.

There is no doubt that Team Heretics is one of the teams that will want to prepare in the best possible way to perform well next season. In addition, it is worth noting that the organization is moving from an experienced roster to one filled with European talent.

As a result, there is a lot of expectation about what will happen with this new lineup, as we all know what a big change such a renovation entails.

Team Heretics announces new VALORANT lineup

Through a post on their Twitter/X account, Team Heretics announced their new VALORANT lineup heading into VCT 2024.

As we can see, the Team Heretics lineup consists of:

  • Ričardas “Boo” Lukaševičius
  • Dominykas “MiniBoo” Lukaševičius
  • Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish
  • Enes “RieNs” Ecirli
  • Mert “Wo0t” Alkan

The pair of brothers, Boo and MiniBoo, arrive on the top competitive scene of VCT EMEA to prove their quality and, above all, to take Team Heretics to the top. In addition, two of the most promising Turkish players of the moment, RieNs and Wo0t, are also included.

In the video presentation of the new squad, Team Heretics mentioned the retirement of Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas, which was a few days ago. Then, Benjyfishy talked about each of his new teammates, and, finally, the British player says goodbye, saying that he was going to Berlin to start the practices with his new team.

“Los Niños” on the attack

Team Heretics calls its new lineup “Los Niños” or “The Kids,” which undoubtedly refers to the generational change from the 2023 squad. In addition, Boo is the oldest player, only 25 years old. On the other hand, the rest of the Team Heretics players are under 19, so “Los Niños” is a perfect nickname for this lineup.

Benjyfishy, a former Fortnite superstar, won the East: Surge Split One Rookie of the Season. On the other hand, MiniBoo won the same award in Spain: Rising Split Two. Finally, both RieNs and Wo0t made their mark in the Turkish national VALORANT league in 2023.

Regarding the roles of each player, MiniBoo is expected to play with Jett and Raze, ReiNs with Breach and Sova. On the other hand, Boo will be the IGL and Controller of the team, Wo0t will be the Flex, and benjyfishy will be the Sentinel.

There is no doubt that these months of preparation will be fundamental for this new lineup, but let’s not forget that there is chemistry between the players because Boo and MiniBoo are brothers.

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