Skyesports announce AMD and Microsoft as sponsors for $2,45,000 Masters

The leading esports event organizer in South Asia, Skyesports, officially announced a partnership with AMD and Windows 11 to... Shubh | 4. May 2023

The leading esports event organizer in South Asia, Skyesports, officially announced a partnership with AMD and Windows 11 to host the forthcoming Skyesports Masters tournament in Mumbai, India.

Skyesports Masters has added Windows 11 and AMD as powered-by sponsors for the biggest Esports competition in India, Skyesports  CS:GO Masters, which will be India’s first franchise-based Esports League. The Skyesports Masters, an event featuring eight franchised teams fighting in CS: GO to become the ultimate masters, is scheduled to take place in Mumbai, India in front of a live audience. 

With a record-breaking prize pool of $2,45,000, the ground-breaking tournament is poised to become India’s largest gaming event ever. Skyesports has partnered with community gaming cafes in 20 different cities, including Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and others, to scout for the best CS:GO players during the qualifiers. 

This is done to provide a platform for the nation’s up-and-coming talented gamers to display their talent. As part of the Skyesports Masters, franchise teams will also have the option of boosting their squads with the most talented players from the qualifiers. After the open qualifier, Mumbai will host the LAN-based Skyesports Masters playoffs with a live audience.  

Additionally, fans can watch the competition live on Skyesports’ YouTube and Twitch channels. The venue, schedule, and travel information will all be made official later by the organizer.

Skyesports  strengthen its relationship with AMD and Microsoft

Skyesports’ relationship with AMD and Microsoft continues to expand in spite of the economic downturn. Both brands have been primary sponsors of Skyeports for several events including AMD Skyesports Grandslam 2022 and AMD Skyesports Championship 4.0. 

The Windows 11 Skyesports Grand Slam Season 3 was also part of a partnership between Skyesports and Microsoft, and it was powered by “AMD.” It was hosted in the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi on February 16 and 17 as part of the India Gaming Show (IGS).

Skyesports Masters will be powered by Microsoft Windows 11 to improve both the aesthetic appeal of the competition and the athletes’ gaming experiences with its cutting-edge capabilities. An international manufacturer of semiconductors, AMD is well known for its broad selection of graphics cards. 

AMD is also an ideal partner for Skyesports Masters to improve the competition’s gameplay because it has raised the bar for gaming performance and power consumption with its cutting-edge technology and products. 

These high-profile partnerships serve as a testament to the Skyesports Masters’ immense significance as it provides a platform for sponsors to market their products to a highly engaged gaming audience. Both sponsors will make use of Skyesports’ growing fan following to connect with millennials and members of Generation Z across the entire nation.

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