Sentinel’s “Hopium” energy drink: a new stimulant for gamers

The world of esports is constantly growing and with it, innovative products are constantly appearing that excite fans and... Fragster | 6. December 2023

The world of esports is constantly growing and with it, innovative products are constantly appearing that excite fans and players alike. The latest highlight is the recent collaboration between esports organization Sentinels and ADVANCED, a company that develops nutritional supplements specifically for gamers. This partnership has led to the launch of a new energy drink called Sentinels Hopium, which is characterized by its refreshing raspberry lemonade taste.

The new product has been available since December 4 and, with its combination of flavors and no added sugar, promises to provide an energy boost that helps the body prepare for long gaming sessions. In addition to purchasing the energy drink alone, Sentinels and ADVANCED are also offering an attractive bundle that includes a T-shirt and a special shaker alongside the drink. The products are available directly from ADVANCED or the Sentinels store and are particularly appealing to fans who want to stay awake and hydrated while gaming.

Sentinels announces new partnership for energy drink

The esports organization Sentinels has rarely entered into partnerships with energy drink manufacturers. However, in a recently published statement, such a cooperation was announced, which will initially run for a whole year. “Hopium” marks the Sentinels’ first step into the area of cooperative product development.

Energybrands x Esport

Following the recent announcement of a new financing round by the ownership group, the Sentinels have also completed their crowdfunding.

Fans were given the option to purchase shares in the company. Well-known personalities from the esports sector are supporting the newly announced drink, including Tyson “TenZ” Ngo and Tarik “tarik” Celik.

The Sentinels are thus using their high profile to appeal to fans not only in gameplay, but also in the area of energy drinks and to establish a second mainstay.

There are several esport organizations that have entered into partnerships with energy drink brands:

  1. GFUEL and Esport: GFUEL is considered the “official energy drink of esports” and has had a partnership with esports organizations since 2012. This relationship was extended and expanded in 2020.
  2. Monster Energy and DreamHack: Monster Energy has a long history in gaming and Esports as a key supporter and partner of DreamHack branded eSports events and festivals since 2014.
  3. Monster Energy and Evil Geniuses: Monster Energy celebrated ten years of partnership with Evil Geniuses, one of the original and best-known esports organizations, in 2021.
  4. RED BULL has worked with the well-known esports organizations OG, G2 and T1, among others.

These partnerships show how closely intertwined the world of esports is with the energy drink industry, with brands such as Monster Energy and GFUEL playing a significant role in the sponsorship landscape. Energy drinks are a natural partnership, because what real gamer doesn’t want to be able to play for several hours at a time?