Sampi and GuardiaN go their separate ways

The inevitable has happened! The story of GuardiaN, one of the most veteran, popular and experienced players in the... Eduardo | 26. December 2022

The inevitable has happened! The story of GuardiaN, one of the most veteran, popular and experienced players in the Counter-Strike scene, seems to end.

For the organization to which he belonged, Team Sampi has announced through an official statement on their Twitter account that, from now on, they and GuardiaN will take completely different paths. This is due to the Slovak player’s health problems in recent years.

GuardiaN will likely say goodbye to CS:GO “for now.”

This decision to go the separate ways of GuardiaN and Team Sampi goes hand in hand with sending the experienced Slovakian player to the team’s bench for the past three months.

GuardiaN joined Team Sampi at the beginning of May. He presented a “million-dollar project” with only the highest ambitions. A month after its official start, its first medal success came, but no more came.

In recent months, it has become known that GuardiaN has suffered some health problems, which prompted the team to send him to the bench. Unfortunately, neither the team nor the player himself has expressed what this health problem is or was.

The player has not announced what he will do in the future. We don’t know if he is exploring some options or will take a break from the game.

About GuardiaN

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács is a 31-year-old Slovakian player that every esports player, fan, and organization is sure to know.

His beginnings were in Counter-Strike 1.6, then he moved to Counter-Strike: Source and finally parked himself in CS:GO in 2012. GuardiaN has played under the banner of two of the most successful organizations in the history of this esports, NaVi and FaZe Clan.

Recall that, in his prime, he was considered one of the best AWPers in the world. While we still don’t know anything about his future, we are sure that he will receive different offers from other organizations.

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About Team Sampi

On the other hand, speaking of Team Sampi, we can note that it is an esports organization founded in 2018 by professional footballer Jakub Jankto. Jankto currently plays for Getafe FC in LaLiga Santander, in Spain.

Since GuardiaN joined the team in May 2022, Team Sampi has participated in different C-level tournaments, but they also played two IEM Road to Rio Open Qualifiers. Although they finished in second place in the Tipsport Cup, the team has not been able to participate in a top-level tournament.

Future of Team Sampi and GuardiaN

In the three months, GuardiaN was on the team’s bench, Lukáš “Habyzz” Doležal served as a substitute. However, in early December, the young Czech player parted ways with the team, claiming he had no time to dedicate professionally to CS:GO due to his studies.

Team Sampi now has only four players in its lineup. So, the organization is now on the search for a fifth player.

GuardiaN’s future is also uncertain, as he has not publicly announced his next team.

Team Sampi’s lineup is as follows:

  • matys
  • sAvana1
  • T4gg3D
  • bfull – Head Coach

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