Road to Valor: Empires, a new game developed by Krafton

Road to Valor: Empires is a new game designed for mobiles developed by Krafton. The game is a card-based... Maria | 13. March 2023

Road to Valor: Empires is a new game designed for mobiles developed by Krafton. The game is a card-based PvP game with style very similar to Clash Royale.

Krafton launches another mobile title. The game was created by Dremotion, an independent company that Krafton acquired in 2021.

All about the new game Road to Valor: Empires

This title is the sequel to Road to Valor: World War II, debuting in 2019 before Dreamotion became part of Krafton.

The new game is currently in the testing phase. However, pre-registrations are supported in the app stores. So although it has not yet launched, we already know some details.

We have already seen the gameplay, which has caused a great stir by showing significant similarities with Clash Royale. However, it looks fantastic.

Similarities between the two games

As we already commented, the similarity between the two games can be seen in the latest video published on YouTube, the Road to Valor channel.

We are talking about how the new game occurs in real-time. Where two players face each other in a PvP, similar to Clash Royale. The game’s objective is to create card combos that are superior to your opponent’s to leave him on the battlefield defeated.

In the game, each participant has three towers; one central tower and two secondary towers. In addition, you have to choose two lanes. The mission of the game is to be able to defend your towers while launching an excellent attack to destroy the enemy towers.

To form your army that will be in charge of defending and attacking, you have to choose eight cards from a vast deck; besides, the title offers a game mode where four players can participate in a 2 vs. 2 encounter.

Even though the gameplay concept has quite a significant resemblance, the perspective of the game is different. Road to Valor has a very extreme approach, unlike Clash Royale, which has a more energetic system.

If you don’t like the aesthetics of Clash Royale, Krafton’s new game can be an excellent option. However, the date of the game’s release is unknown.

Can Clash Royale developers take legal action against Krafton?

Because of the games’ similarity, many people may think that legal action would be taken against Krafton. However, although the game mechanics are very similar, the game has an entirely different approach. Also, no legal action has been taken with the first title in this series.

For many, it is surprising that Krafton plans to launch a similar title. It is especially considering that in 2018 Krafton filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for copyright. However, this action was quickly dismissed.

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