Riot Games to change pricing of League champions

After many requests from the community regarding different features of the game, Riot decided to make significant changes to... Eduardo | 18. February 2023

After many requests from the community regarding different features of the game, Riot decided to make significant changes to League of Legends in patch 13.5 on March 8.

One of these big changes is renewing the current prices for the game’s champions. As stated by the developers, this measure is taken to attract more players to this iconic video game and renew its pricing model, as it is ancient.

Riot decides to change the price of LoL Champions

Last February 16, in an afternoon full of announcements and communications from Riot, the developers did not deprive themselves, and they went all in on the game’s store. But not precisely in the Summoner’s Rift store, but in the League of Legends champions store.

As they have accustomed us, in a video, Riot Brightmoon and RiotMeddler, said that the main idea of these changes is:

“To make acquiring champions easier for new players, as well as using our pricing to help guide people to the champions they are most likely to enjoy early in their LoL careers.”

On the other hand, these champion pricing changes won’t be the only ones coming to the in-game store. In addition, they will be releasing new character packs that will cover a wider range of in-game roles. This is excellent news for new players, as it will help them get their favorite champion and role in the game.

The package in question would be priced at over 140,000 Blue Essence or 14,905 Riot Points. So, you have to have some money to get your hands on all the champions in League of Legends.

Changes in the prices of champions

Next, we will present the new price list and which champions will be seen within the new League of Legends price range. According to the official League of Legends blog, we have the following:

  • 450 BE / 260 RP – Awesome champions for new players. They have a potent fantasy and accessible kit that helps players succeed. Some examples are Malphite, Miss Fortune, and Yuumi.
  • 1350 BE / 585 RP – Slightly more complex champions than the lower-level ones, but still accessible for those interested. Some examples are Yasuo, Lucian, and Sett.
  • 3150 BE / 790 RP – Champions with a higher degree of difficulty or specialization in their game. Some examples are LeBlanc, Shaco, and Yorick.
  • 4444 BE / 880 RP – Only perfection and beauty are allowed at this level.
  • 4800 BE / 880 RP – Most of the staff will live here.
  • 6300 BE / 975 RP – Champions who have left in the last two seasons.
  • 7800 BE / 975 RP – Champions that have been released in the last week.

With these changes, the developers note that:

“We plan to maintain the current flow of new champions with a higher starting price and discount after one week. Then, with an additional discount after two seasons, they will be tiered based on the data we see with new and returning players.”

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