fragster | 13. May 2022

Riot Games addresses MSI 2022 ping issues, RNG to replay three matches

Riot Games has acknowledged the discrepancies in latency at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational after multiple players reported high latency and game lags. The developer announced yesterday that the discrepancy has been corrected for future matchups. Consequently, Royal Never Give Up will have to re-play their group stage matches due to an unfair advantage.

Unike other participants, RNG have been playing their MSI 2022 matches from their home facility in Shanghai as a result of the restrictions China is currently facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. To ensure that other teams playing from Busan, Korea get the same ping as RNG, Riot had manually implemented a 35ms ping.

However, on the second day of the tournament, many players reported high latency to the event’s on-site team. On May 12, Riot confirmed that the technology (network latency tool) that was implemented to control the latency was not working as expected. Because the ping discrepancies gave RNG an unfair edge, Riot mandated the LPL champions to replay their three group stage games.

All of the other MSI teams, except RNG, were present on-site and faced the same latency, therefore won’t be replaying their matches. RNG has to replay three group stage games since their score was reset after Riot’s ruling on the issue. The Chinese squad was on a 3-0 winning streak after defeating PSG Talon, RED Canids, and Istanbul Wildcats.

RNG defends the win streak

Today, RNG defended their original score and went 3-0 again. The team is not showing signs of slowing down, especially with Wei “GALA” Chen wreaking havoc on the opponents. He played an excellent game against the Istanbul Wildcats, finishing with a KDA of 8/3/12. However, it was his performance against RED Candis that stood out the most, scoring 13 kills and no deaths.

RNG’s bot-laner showed the world that the MSI 2021’s final MVP is back in form as he registered his first technical penta kill at the tournament. Although he had already recorded a penta kill against RED the day before, the record was taken away with the score reset.

With a legitimate 3-0 record, Royal Never Give Up is back on top, while the rest of the teams are still trying to figure out how to take down the LPL Champions.

Header: Riot Games